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123 Board Game Facilitator’s Instruction

123 Board Game Facilitator’s Instruction


The TGI 123 Board Game is a training tool designed to use your training questions. Players or teams move around the board attempting to land on the highest value square and must answer their game question correctly to earn points associated with each square. The player or team with the highest cumulative score at the end of the game wins!


A complete set of game rules is provided in the game itself (RULES BUTTON) and detailed below as well. The game rules found on the game board should be reviewed with all players prior to the start of the game.


1.The objective of the 123 Board game is for a team or player to score the highest amount of points. Note: The true objective of the game is to enhance learning while making the experience fun and interactive. TGI Games can be used to either review or present new training information.

2.There are several ways to score in this game which are explained in the “Scoring” section below.

3.The game ends when the allotted time for the game has expired, or there are no more questions left in the game.

To Begin

1.The game facilitator declares how long the game will be played (recommend 1 hour/20 questions).

2.Players or teams select their representative color marker (i.e. – red triangle or brown square).

3.Players or teams may use the default names (Green Team, Red Team etc.) or input their own player or team name on the scoreboard.

4.Players roll the die to determine the initial player/team turn order, and follow this rotation throughout the game.

Moving Around the Board

1.Players or teams rotate turns, rolling the die to determine the number of squares they must move.

2.On a turn you can begin moving in any one direction but cannot reverse direction.

3.When moving passed an arrow square you may select an alternative direction, but again cannot reverse your direction.

4.If you land on an arrow square, slide your marker to advance to the next square.

5.To move your marker, click on the marker once to grab it, hold and drag it to the new square location and then click again to release it.


1.You must always answer the question correctly to score points on ANY square you land on.

a.Game questions can be multiple choice or true/false format. When an answer is selected (A through D or true/false) and arrow drops down to indicate the correct answer. A MORE button is provides a pop-up screen with corresponding tabs for each question. This allows the facilitator to present additional information about each question. A notes tab is also provided here to capture class follow up questions.

b.Questions may be divided into three categories (color coded as well) and, as a suggestion, the facilitator may wish to award double or triple point values for more difficult category questions.

c.A 30 second timer is provided on each game question and helps to keep the game moving.

2.Landing on a 1, 2, or 3 square indicates the point value you will be playing for.

3.Landing on a mini-game requires that you must play the mini-game to determine the number of points you’ll be playing for (possible 1 -6 pts.).

a.There are six mini-games which enable the players or teams to obtain higher point values in the game (1 – 6 possible pts.). Players or teams must answer their question correctly to keep the points indicated after playing a mini-game.

Note: The 6 different mini-games pop-up randomly when the mini-game button is pressed. The facilitator should review each mini-game prior to playing the TGI 123 Board Game. A RESET button is provided on each mini-game to allow you to demonstrate or play a practice game.

4.Landing on a “Dice Roll” square will allow you to roll the die again to determine the number of points you’ll be playing for (possible 1 – 6 pts.).

5.Scores must be posted after each player or team turn.


Holds up to 30 of your training questions. The number of question slides used in a game can be adjusted within the game setup (1 – 30 questions).

Up to six players or teams can play.

Since it is PowerPoint, you can edit and design the question slides to your needs. (Remember we recommend renaming the original copy of the game (SAVE AS) before making game edits in PowerPoint.


Use the SETUP button on the main game board to setup a new game. Here is how it works:

1.After pressing the SETUP button, a pop-up first appears to remind you that all the game markers will be reset and gives you the opportunity to exit.

2.The Game Setup screen allows you to limit the number of questions that appear in the game. Note: Always enter your questions beginning with Question 1.

Leave no empty question slides until you are done.

3.Here you can also enter three different category names for questions or leave them blank if different question categories are not required.

4.The scoreboard next appears during the setup process to allow you to clear previous game scores and input names for teams or players. If a name is left blank, the player or team marker will not appear on the game board screen.


Pressing F5 starts the game in slideshow mode and the 123 Board Game menu is presented. While in edit mode, introductory and title text for this slide can be input by double clicking the default text and inserting your new game title. Introductory music plays when this slide is presented. Click START GAME to begin playing, SETUP to setup a new game, or Facilitator Instructions to open this help file. The introductory slide is shown below.

GAME RULES (within the game itself)

Click the RULES button on the 123 Board Game to see the game rules pop-up. Use the RULES button to explain the game rules to your group before playing. Click through the tabs from right to left.


Below you’ll see a picture of the TGI 123 Game Board. On this board you’ll find the following:

The game board contains 39 squares.

Point Squares 1, 2 and 3 (Indicates point values of 1, 2, and 3 points).

Mini Games and Dice Roll squares

oThese require an extra step to determine the point value of the question (explained in the Scoring section above).

This board also contains six operational buttons which include:

Setup – Select number of game questions and input categories.

Rules – Opens the rules tabs as mentioned above.

Mini Game – Randomly selects and starts one of six mini-games to determine player’s points.

Dice (button) – Rolls a single die which appears on the board and is shown below.

Question – Opens a pop-up to select a question (From 1 to 30).

Scoreboard – Displays the game scoreboard. This is where the points earned in the game can be added to the player or team scores.

Enter a player or team name to activate the player game piece. Press the small + button to add to a players score. You can also directly edit names and scores on the scoreboard pop-up.

MINI GAMES – Mini Games are little games within the game. When players or teams land on a mini- game square they must play the mini-game (click Mini-Game button) to determine potential points they can earn on their question. Each mini-game has instructions on the game pop-up and a reset button allowing the facilitator to demonstrate and reset the game. Each mini-game is shown below.


The TGI 123 Board Game contains 30 question slides. On each you will enter your multiple choice or true/false questions. If you have more text then will fit into the textboxes simply adjust the font size. If you have only 2 or 3 possible answers or are inputing a true/false question, you can delete the C and/or D buttons and corresponding textbox. IMPORTANT: We recommend working from a copy of the original game file. During play the blue correct answer arrow will not appear until a button (A – D) is pressed. When pressed, the arrow will slide down the side until it reaches the correct answer. When adding questions to the game, move the blue arrow to the correct anser position. If you want to add a picture to the question, rearrange the text boxes to fit around the image. If desired you can press the Start

Timer button first to start a 30 second countdown timer.

The MORE button opens a pop-up containing 31 tabs. These allow you to enter and present additional information on any single question within the game. These present the facilitator with a great opportunity to expound on the question. Another way to add important information is to attach sound, video, or mini- PowerPoint files (PPS) to a particular question slide. A Sample attachment button and instructions on how to do this can be found among the instruction slides within the game (Use edit mode to view these). A Notes tab is also made available by pressing the MORE button and is used to enter class follow up notes.


About 10% of the time, when the Dice button is pressed, a bonus pop-up allows a player or team to select and jump to any square on the board.


We have developed some great rules for playing the TGI 123 Board Game, however we encourage you to get creative and change the rules to best enhance your own program.

Contact us for questions or concerns at or phone 602-750-7223. Thank you for purchasing TGI products.