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3 Ideas To Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd By Marketing University

Leader_Man_3D_Vector_ConceptIn today’s economy, businesses are failing each and every day. Are we to blame the recession or Hard Times? The answer is no we can’t. As business owners, we are responsible for our own actions.

The problem is that in almost every industry, everyone seems to think that they can be just like everyone else and still do fine. That just isn’t the case any more.

To make your business survive in these tough times, you have to stand out from the crowd. You can’t be just like everyone else. If you are, then the only thing you have going for you in your price. Price wars are never a good thing and devalues your products or services.

So what can you do to overcome this issue? You need to differentiate yourself from your competition. The following ideas will help you stand out from the crowd and gain more business, helping your prospects know that your are the only logical choice.

1. What are your competitors doing? Do the opposite!
If they are all promoting on price, you should be promoting on extra value. What can you add to your products or services instead of dropping your prices?

If you sell a $100 product and your competitor is selling the same basic product for $90, then look at what you can add to your product that will give the value of $150 or $200 instead.

Anything from gift cards, an extra room of cleaning, to free chair massages at a hair salon can make a huge difference to your customers perception of your company and they will be willing to pay the extra price for the additional services.

2. Be unique
Add personality to your business. Let’s look at an example. If you have a security company, your company uniforms could be different than the standard boring “Rent-a-cop” look by having camo-wearing guards or secret service style uniforms. Something to make you stand out from the norm.

This will not only get attention but other potential prospects will take more notice and be sure all your employees have business cards to hand out if someone asks about your service.

3. Offer special services
How often do you find it would be easier to get to the bank on a Sunday or later at night? How many banks do you know that are open 7 days a week? I can’t count the number of times I wished they were open because that’s the only day I have a chance to get over there.

Stay open off hours, offer pickup and delivery (free or paid), Think about what the biggest complaints people have about your industry and look at creative ways to overcome these complaint. Market specifically to those special added benefits.

Ok, so there you have it, 3 ideas you can implement right away to make your business stand out from the crowd and market your business as the ONLY choice in your area or industry. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative. The businesses that stand out the most get the most attention are more likely to be remembered in the long run.