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Surviving and Excelling At Training Delivery

Over a teaching and training career that has spanned close to forty years, I’ve picked up a few tricks and hints to help trainers deal with difficult, anxiety provoking situations. Some of these I share in training-for-trainers sessions, and some I have rattling around in my head.

Whether you are a novice trainer, or an experienced one, you may pick up some good information here.

When you don’t know an answer to a participant question or you are not quite sure

It’s going to happen. Someone in the group will ask a question that you should have an answer for, but you don’t. What to do? Or what about if you aren’t sure?

Dealing with a resistant training participant
People who attend training seminars can show different levels of resistance. Not to worry. By handling resistance indirectly, you can even win them over.

More On Resistance: How to handle a training attendee who has been “sent”, and isn’t happy to be there.

Not a nice situation. An employee gets sent to you training session by the manager or by HR. Worse, he doesn’t know why. What to do?

My training sessions often get off track due to comments and questions that aren’t directly relevant to the content. What should I do?

Getting off track isn’t necessarily a bad thing, provided it doesn’t last too long. Here are some ways to refocus back to your learning goals.

(more coming soon)