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Training Games Team Building Jigsaw Puzzles

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Team Builder Puzzle GamesYou'll find 30 famous team building quotes within these fun and interactive jigsaw puzzles. Each of the 30 stand alone jigsaw puzzle software games are terrific for team building games and other training events. Designed for PowerPoint 2003 - 2007. Many ways to use them: Project the puzzles on screen for classroom team building or icebreaker fun. Have teams compete to build a puzzle within your computer training lab. You can also e-mail individual puzzles to your program participants prior to your training or as a reinforcing program follow up.

Easy to use: Teams click and drag puzzle pieces into place to build a thought provoking image and message about working as a team. Includes PDF instructions along with exciting game rules. Each puzzle includes an expandable thumbnail image of the completed puzzle. The team building quotes deliver inspirational messages to reinforce your emphasis on "TEAM". Puzzles contains 48 pieces.

Team Builder Puzzle Games