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TGI Training Needs Analysis

A good, well created Training Needs Analysis is the beginning point for an approach to training and development. A valid TNA must include all levels within an organization:

  • Parent Organization
  • Departments or Teams
  • Individuals

This is critical if training is to meet the needs of your organization and be comprehensive. A Training Needs Analysis should be part of all performance appraisals from individuals to the company overall.
There are various methods of compiling data for a TNA. They can include, but are not limited to:

  • Group Discussions and Observations
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Questionnaires, Interviews, Surveys and/or Audits
  • Skills or Knowledge Testing
  • Management Requests
  • Internal or External Consultants
  • Department or Employee Testing

To be effective a good TNA should identify all types of training that are needed to advance an organization. It must blend costs and training effectiveness. It must consider Internet training, outsource training, and in-house training. It must also consider how the training should be done. Examples could include a meeting, training workbooks, video or audio productions, or a combination of these.
How your organization develops a TNA depends upon the type of organization and what your perceived training needs are. A valid TNA is nothing more than identifying what your skills and knowledge requirements are what your various levels of skills and knowledge are.

Note to Trainers: Training Games, Inc. provides cost effective training games that can be used in a meeting environment or emailed to trainees for remote training or follow-up review. It is not necessary to get your people together to use these fun and effective training tools.