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Ways to Improve Creativity and Think Outside the Box By Dejan Davchevski

goodAs we live our lives we develop a sense of “normal behavior” depending on the culture we live in.

This “normal” way of living is constructed of laws and rules we follow but sometimes these “limits” need to be broken in order to create something out of the ordinary.

These limits are the box, and thinking outside of the box means to escape these “walls” and see the whole picture. In order to do this we need to be inventors, think with an open mind, and most importantly be creative.


Pick up a pen and a blank paper, sit down, calm your mind, breathe, and start doodling whatever your mind is imagining. While you doodle you stimulate your creative side of your mind and the doodles are like a mind map that only your mind understands.

Keep A Notebook

In every 10 things 1 thing is far better than the rest of them. Through the day we think of a 100 ideas from which 10 are maybe the holders of that 1 million $ idea. Take a notebook with you and write your ideas, even the bad ones because they are the catalysts of great ones.


Meditation is the healthiest way to improve your creativity. Some say that if you don’t have 15 minutes each day to spend on meditation, spend 30. Daily meditation is strongly recommended especially if your mind is preoccupied with work. This is because when you meditate you balance your whole being and the thoughts that limit your creativity fade away.

Do Opposites

Your brain is divided by 2 main parts, the left or the analytical brain, and the right or the creative brain. New studies show that these 2 sides are responsible for each others performance and decision.

This means that the creative side is responsible for the analytical side performance and vice versa. If you tire your mind with numbers and calculations, start listening to music or watch some short video. If you want to have improved creativity, start dealing with numbers. Don’t over do anything, keep the balance.

Escape Your Comfort Zone

Being in your comfort zone feels calm and safe, but it is like being in prison. Everything that you want to get, happens outside of your comfort zone.

When you grow balls to escape your prison, you’ll see the awesomeness of life, you will see that there are endless possibilities and solutions to getting what you want to get. Creativity lives outside of your comfort zone.