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Your guests will rave about the great time they had at your party. 50+ fun-packed games on ONE DVD. Just put Party Games into your DVD and let the FUN begin.

great group funGAMES INCLUDED:

Truth or Dare
- Your guests choose to either TELL THE TRUTH about these engaging questions or they have to DO THE DARE! You'll never stop laughing.

Flash Memory Games - 10 pictures flash on the screen in 10 seconds and players must remember as many of them as they can. 3 versions included.

couples games too
Likes, Dislikes and Opinions Game - A team game where a team tries to guess the likes, dislikes or opinions of a player on the other team.

Truth or Dare
Flash Memory Games
Likes, Dislikes & Opinions Game
Couples Compatibility Game
Finish the Sentence
Linking Games
Charades Game
Trivial Confessions Game
Couples Match Game
Scrambled Egos Game
The Brain Drain Game
Baby Shower Trivia Game
What's the Story, Baby Game
Football Trivia Games
What's the Story Game
The Blindfold Game
4 Letter Word Game
Crossword Puzzle Games
General Trivia Games
Scrambled Egos Holiday Game
Improv Games
Christmas Music, Movies & Memories
Card Elimination Game
New Years Elimination Game
What Should She Wear Shower Game
Christmas Find the Words Game
First in the New Years Game
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Dinner Parties
Holiday Parties
Evening Gettogethers
Baby Showers
Wedding Showers
Super Bowl Parties

fun for all kinds of partiesCouples Compatibility Game - One or several couples can play this game to see how compatible they really are by answering a series of questions about their own personal preferences.

Finish the Sentence - A great ice-breaker to generate some great conversations among old or new friends. Can be played two ways with everyone answering all questions or rotating around the room.

liven up your next gettogetherLinking Games - This is an imaginative story-telling game where each person gets a different image on the screen and must tell a story tying it to the last image. 5 games with 10 images each.

Charades Game - This is the classic game of charades. One team sits so they can’t see the TV. The other team communicates using signs. Then they switch positions for the next one.

bring smiles to your guests' facesTrivial Confessions Game - If you don’t know the answer to the trivia question, you must provide some trivia about yourself in this trivia game with a twist.

Couples Match Game - Fantastic fun for couples. In this game couples compete to see how well they know their mate or close friend. Non-stop laughter guaranteed.

Scrambled Egos Game - The object is to unscramble the words in a category with teams playing against each other. The losing team must perform a side-busting "Salute To The Champs." This one will have you rolling on the floor!

The Brain Drain Game - Not only do you have to guess what the puzzle is but you have to guess the correct answer before anyone else.

creative thinking gamesBaby Shower Trivia Game - A trivia game for a baby shower with nursery rhymes and parent trivia.

What's the Story Baby Game - This is like the What’s the Story Game but with kids or babies and is great for baby showers or families. Instead of creating a story, you make up what you think the kids are thinking.

Million Dollar Football Trivia Games - 5 Millionaire-type games with questions getting progressively harder. One wrong answer and you're out!

you control the games with your remoteWhat's the Story Game - Two games with 10 pictures in each like the Linking Game but with a full picture instead of single image. The group selects the type of story they are going to create.

the blindfold gameThe Blindfold Game - Each person takes a turn at being blindfolded to guess the word on the screen from one word clues given by the group.

Four Letter Word Game - Create four word sentences out of common four letter words.

Crossword Puzzle Games - 5 classic crossword puzzle games which pit teams against each other. Everyone's favorite!

General Trivia Games - Two versions – one Easy and one Hard that can be played in teams or individually. Use our rules or make up your own. 48 questions in each game.

holiday games!Scrambled Egos Holiday Game - The object is to unscramble the words in a category with teams playing against each other. The losing team must perform a side-busting "Salute To The Champs." This one will have you rolling on the floor!

Improv Games - If you have a group of burgeoning actors, this is the game. It provides 10 separate four person acting scenarios with an outline of characters. You provide the acting and the fun. Improvisation is the game.

Christmas fun!Christmas Music, Movies & Memories Trivia Game - A trivia game that will get your group talking and reminiscing about this very special time of year. This can be played in teams or with the entire group. It is all about the memories.

Card Elimination Game - Five games where your guests play cards against the TV using a deck of real cards. The first one to get rid of all of their cards wins.

New Years funNew Years Elimination Game - This is like musical chairs with the furniture. Guests must not be the last one to find and touch a year which is spread around the room.

What Should She Wear Shower Game - A great wedding shower game that plays with words and creates conversation and jokes. Two level answers help the players along.

Christmas Find the Words Game - The object is to find the related words in a jumble of words that relate to the title. Can be played in teams or individually.

First in the New Years Game - Two New Years games where you try to figure out the product slogans or word puzzles. This is also great any time of the year.

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Customer Testimonials:

"I love this DVD. I recently hosted a bridal shower and this DVD was the hit of the night. There were numerous games and activities that kept us laughing and shouting all night. I am so glad I purchased this DVD. I plan to use it many more times in the future. MAKE MORE! THANKS!"
-- Edith R. from Wilkinsburg, PA

"Bob and I sat down to select a game for an upcoming party. We ended up playing with the DVD for over 3 hours. We had so much fun; we can’t wait for the party to start."
-- Kim & Bob B. from Everett, WA

"This DVD is much more than I thought it was going to be. Besides all the laughs, it also started many interesting and thought provoking conversations. What a find."
-- Rita M. from Chico, CA

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