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This is the corporate site for Training Games, Inc.  Our mission is to develop low-cost training software for business and corporate training departments.  

Most all businesses have training departments that present new training programs to their employees.  At Training Games, Inc., we offer a low-cost solution to enhance your employees retention and excitement about your current training programs. 

FACT:  Any comprehensive training program must include a review of the material just presented to improve retention.

FACT:  Most employees find this review process boring and repetitive.

SOLUTION:  Training Games, Inc. has developed some low-cost Microsoft Excel based training and review tools that make this process fun and participative for your employees and improves their retention.  We did this by developing team-oriented games which use multiple choice questions you provide from your own training materials. Each game comes with a blank questions file where you can input your own questions. Alternatively, TGI makes available training questions designed to supplement your own training programs.

ANOTHER OPTION:  If your needs include a single-employee learning or review tool, we also have that option for many of our games.  With these games, the employee enjoys learning/reviewing your training materials while playing against the computer. The game will give feedback on the retention levels of the material.  It can also be used to present new material to employees.  While playing the game to improve their score, they are also learning and improve their retention of the new material.

We bring over 50 years of corporate training experience and are pleased to present a line of Training and Review games that will increase your employees retention as well as being a lot of fun.  And that is the key.  To have fun with the review process.

Please feel free to browse the pages in this site and download the free Demos and Quick Start Tutorials.  We also invites to send us any questions or inquiries about our products.  Send any correspondence to Mick Riley at:

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