This software has 1 or 2 different versions available depending on the game.  A group or team version that is designed to be used with a projector in a group situation.  This should be used for reviewing previously covered material (probably right after a training session). 

Also individual versions are available that can be used as a review after a training program (probably distributed via email or at a later time).  It can also be used to cover new material.  This is accomplished by playing the game several times to increase learning, retention and improve your game score.

All of the games have the same general format for playing.  You will see a game screen.  From that screen you will activate a series of popup boxes to select game options, display the question and display the correct answer.  On some games another popup display the game play results.  Screen shots of all games and most of the popups are available from the Games Available page.

Technical Details for TGI Products

System Requirements:
All TGI products are designed to run on Microsoft Excel™.  It has been tested on version newer than Excel 97.  If you have received a tutorial it is a .pps slideshow and requires Microsoft PowerPoint™ to view. Game and Question files can be located in any directory.  For the sound files (.wav) to work they must be located in the C:\My Documents\Training-games directory.  Excel macros must be turned on for these products to work.

TGI files are sent to you in a WINZIP™ file as a self-extracting .exe.  When ran, this will extract (and create if needed) all files to the C:\ My Documents\Training-games directory.

Written in Microsoft Excel
to reduce the learning curve and keep the development
cost low.

You already have Excel on your machine and know how to use it.

All TGI programs are copyrighted and have a patent pending.

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