As a trainer, you know one of the most difficult parts of your job is to motivate your employees during a training program.  And toward the end of a program, after you have covered all of the material, the most difficult problem is keeping all your participants engaged and learning as you do the post-program review.  Everyone is ready to go home or go back to work. 

Now you have a secret weapon.  A game from Training Games, Inc. (TGI).   These games have been tested in corporate situations and have received very high marks for engaging participants and improving material retention.  With your help, you can make the review process a highlight and not a chore. 

Here is your part of the success formula of using these games  -  YOU must also have fun with the process.  Be prepared and act as the host or moderator to pull your participants in to the game.  Have fun  -  the game will do all the hard work.  Use each question and answer box as a new learning opportunity.  But also remember that you are ALL playing a game.  Talk up the game, even before your training program starts.

Imagine delivering your own training materials through a fun-packed, participative training game!

Have fun  -  the game will do all of the hard work.

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