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A New Way to Learn?

12/18/13 | by Training Games | Categories: Play

a new way to learnI've been thinking about a learning idea that I am sure some of my readers must have experience with. My thought is that people taking a class of any kind could benefit from the thoughts, understanding, as well as the questions of others going through the same class.

Let's say it's a biology class. The instructor assigns a chapter to read. After reading the assignment, classmates are encourage to go online, log into a group established just for this biology class, and share their thoughts, interests and questions about the assigned work. The information would naturally carry over to a live class discussion, at the next scheduled meeting.

Possibly the information is somehow categorized online so that some class member looking for clarity on a specific topic could find quick answers to their question. I'd love to hear from others who may have experienced this type of online group learning. Is something like this being widely done today, and how is it being accomplished? Many of you may even be providing online training. Is this the model that you use, or have you found better ways to encourage class interaction inside or outside of class? Any thoughts/comments appreciated. I'll publish your thoughts in an upcoming newsletter - send to [email protected]

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