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The Science of Productivity: A Proven Way to Get More Done (in Less Time)

12/16/12 | by Training Games | Categories: Play

We found a great blog called the Sparring Mind written by Gregory Ciotti.  One of his recent entries, The Science of Productivity: A Proven Way to Get More Done (in Less Time), intriqued us. We all have so much to do and we try hard to stay focused, organized, get things done - be productive. Why can't we? Because we get easily distracted thinking about all the things we'd rather be doing.

Greg notes in his blog, "....This is because most of us look at productivity in the wrong way: it’s not about signing up for the latest task management tool (which, admit it, you’ll use for a week and soon abandon) or chaining yourself to your desk, it’s about understanding the science behind how your brain works, and using it to your advantage.

"Today, we’ll look at what science has unveiled about the human brain and productive work, and you’ll learn how to tackle the biggest pitfalls that sabotage your ability to get things done."

Greg's blog sites a dozen studies on productivity.  We hope you learn something new. We did. 

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