Game Setup:
We've designed the My Peeps Trivia game so that it is easy to just setup and play. Alternatively, you may want to really personalize and customize the game for a party by adding your own questions and/or graphics. It's sooooo easy in PowerPoint!

Quick Setup:
On the right you'll see the game setup screen. Here you can add team names, and if the game is to be about one special friend (a birthday for example), quickly add their name and gender to all 20 questions at one time. Now you're all set to play!


Custom Setup:
Alternatively, you may want to edit the game questions and graphics, adding your own personal and fun touches. There's lots you can do in this regard including:
1. Designing specific trivia questions about each of your friends
2. Adding pictures of you and your friends
3. Modifying some of the multiple choice answers we've provided with others you know to be “right on target”. You can see where this will be FUN!

Connecting Your Computer to Your TV:
The My Peeps Trivia games can be played on your computer monitor but will display best on your television set. There are several ways to hook up a computer to your television set.

HDMI Hook Up:
The fastest and easiest way is to use an HDMI cable (shown lower right). Six and ten foot HDMI cables are available for purchase below.

Alternative ways to hook up your computer to your TV:
If your equipment does not have HDMI ports, there are many other cable ports available to display your computer screen on your TV. These include VGA, DVI, composite video port, component video port, and S1-Ports. Below please find several YouTube videos demonstrating how to connect your computer to your TV using the various cable ports.

HDMI,VGA, S-Video Connection Instructional Video

VGA Connection Instructional Video

HDMI Connection Instructional Video