March 2007
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Tips on Training Design
1. Context Matters. The context in which we learn is important in that it provides us meaning or a better perspective from which to understand and then learn (whatever it is we are trying to learn). If I say to you, "The notes are sounding sour because the seams are split", after looking back at me with a puzzled stare, you'd probably attempt to figure out what I was saying. Our brains are great like this; they try to understand even when not given much to go on. Now if I wanted to give you half a chance at comprehending what I was saying, I could preface it by telling you I am going to talk a bit about the bagpipes. Oh, I see, the notes, when played on the bagpipes sound sour because the seams of the instrument were split. That makes sense. Context matters.

2. Our brains can process visual information faster and easier than it can WORDS. In this regard it is advisable to use graphs, diagrams, and pictures designed to create attention and enhance recall. There is a memory trick which uses visualization and, in this regard, is a great way to demonstrate how powerful a learning tool images can be.

Ask your group to develop simple rhymes for the numbers one through seven. Then create a mental image with the rhyming words and the item you are attempting to remember. For example if I wanted to remember my grocery (eggs, milk, refried beans, pork chops, a six pack of Coke, Cool Whip, and butter) list, I might develop the following:

1. One rhymes with SUN, picture an egg frying on the sidewalk as the sun beats down on it.
2. Two rhymes with SHOE, picture a pair of shoes made out of milk cartons.
3. Three rhymes with TREE, picture many cans of refried beans hanging from the branches of a tree.
4. Four rhymes with DOOR, picture a porkchop with a door knob and door hinges attached to it.
5. Five rhymes with HIVE, picture a coke can with a swarm of bees flying in and out of it.
6. Six rhymes with STICK, picture a stick twirling a Cool Whip top around and around.
7. Seven rhymes with HEAVEN, picture many sticks of butter raining down from the heavens and falling on your head.

If you've imagined these, you'll find it quite easy to remember my grocery list, or perhaps even more useful, YOUR TO DO list.

3. It is interesting to compare Left and Right brain thinkers. Us Right Brain folks tend to look at the whole versus the parts, use intuition versus logic and are perhaps a bit more creative than our analytical Left Brain friends. It would be virtually impossible to determine to what degree any one person uses their Right versus Left Brain functions and certainly more difficult to design training for individuals based upon their use of one side of the brain verses another. With this said however, if we do take into account that differences exist, it makes perfect sense to attempt to design training which will cater to both Left and Right Brain thinkers.

The following is a list of learning preferences for Left and Right Brain thinkers:

1. Verbal
2. Responds to word meaning
3. Sequential
4. Processes information linearly
5. Responds to logic
6. Plans ahead
7. Recalls people's names
8. Speaks with few gestures
9. Punctual
10. Prefers formal study design
11. Prefers bright lights while studying
1. Visual
2. Responds to tone of voice
3. Random
4. Processes information in varied order
5. Responds to emotion
6. Impulsive
7. Recalls people's faces
8. Gestures when speaking
9. Less punctual
10. Prefers sound or music in the background while studying
11. Prefers frequent mobility while studying
Amazing Trivia
Amazing Trivia: Grape Nuts Cereal contains neither grapes nor nuts. It is made from wheat and barley. C.W. Post came up with the name because the cereal contained maltose, incorrectly believed to be sugar derived from grapes, and because the entire concoction tasted to C.W like nuts.

Amazing Fact: The highest price for an item listed on e-Bay was 4.9 million - for a Gulfstream II Jet.

Famous Quote: "A lie gets halfway around the world, before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

Famous Quote: "Education is the progressive discovery of our own ignorance." Will Durant
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