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Excel TGI Deal? Game XF

New Game!
A great new game based on the popular television show "Deal or No Deal" except that participants must answer your training questions to keep the values they choose. All the excitement, sounds and tough decisions of the real game.
Game Features Include:
- Offer your trainees this new and exciting Game Show format - something really different!
"Will they take a chance and buy the Lockbox or play it safe and take the offer?"
- The ability to interface with USB buzzer systems or use stand-alone buzzer systems
- Both for Team and Single player games
- A database to track individual player games and record their learning progress
- Four Game Show Emcees to choose from, or create your own Emcee!
- Awesome program graphics
- A bigger Question/Answer screen, for easy viewing in large meeting rooms
- Plays from two to eight teams
- And many, many other features. (All trainer/teacher features listed below)

All the fun and excitement of a popular game show now in your classroom. Check out the great new graphics and options available in this game. To view the Program and Game help file, click here.

Deal Game XF

Deal? Game


PDF Help File

Movie file on the question
sequence in the Deal? game

Deal? Game
Program Features:
- Type or import YOUR OWN training questions into the game or purchase our special business question sets. (From Diversity to General Trivia)
- Game works with USB buzzer systems or stand-alone buzzer systems.
- Graphic Viewer allows you to show a separate graphic for any question. Images can contain additional text, charts, graphs or pictures (sample game graphics provided).
- Select from one of four cartoon game hosts.
- Optionally, add your name or additional text to the game screen.
- An built in program flip chart lets you make notes during the game with the ability to print them.
- Game features a larger and improved question and answer screen.
- Team play can be set for 2 to 8 teams, and the team names appear as the game is played.
- Teams can have up to 10 players per team. Player names can also appear IN THE GAME!
-Individual Play Options with a comprehensive and extractable game database. Track individual learner's progress. Pin-point program needs. What a fantastic learning enhancer!
-Game clock, allows you to pre-set play time and keep you on schedule.
-Automatic scoring, and scoreboard to track each teams progress.
- User has complete control over scoring including a pop-up that will let them correct scores if an error is made during play (Oops!).
-Game ends automatically when you run out of time or questions - Manual END GAME function is also available in case of an unexpected schedule change!
- A special tie-breaker option button.
- Exciting game sounds with volume adjustment and on/off sound switch right in the game itself.
- Questions can be presented sequentially or in non-repeating random order.
- You can include an event name and your OWN GRAPHIC LOGO on the MAIN game screen.
- "Save As" option allows you to save different versions of the game.
- Game Strategy Options like 50/50 or “Double Your Bet”. You define how many they get!
- Optional password protected question sheets so the game can be distributed without the user being able to view or change the questions before a game is played.
- Three User Defined Question Categories.
- Question order can be sorted and easily rearranged so your important questions appear first!
- Includes a separate Question Application to make entering questions a cinch! Comes complete with question editor.
-Since questions can be imported into any TGI game, you can easily manage different question sets. Have question sets for ALL your training programs!!
- Full Screen mode to make the game as large as your screen for better visibility when using a projector.
- Includes complete game instructions and a special Rules Pop-Up to quickly explain the game to your participants.
Buzzer System Vendors:
The following companies make or sell lockout buzzer systems that can work with TGI XF games or work independently to support TGI XF games.

* BBBuzzers at
* Computer Products for Education at
* Groupics at
* SVBZ Quiz Buzzers at
* Trainer's Warehouse at
* Zeecraft Tech at

The above companies sell stand alone or USB systems. When we developed our XF games, we used the USB system at Computer Products for Education as our test bed product.

NOTE: Training Games, Inc. does not sell or support buzzer systems. We have made every effort to make our TGI XF games compatible with any system that generates a single number from 1 to 8 and uses a USB hub. If you have any technical questions about buzzer hardware, please contact the vendor directly.

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