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Training Game Development Services

Development Services Offered by Training Games are as follows:

1. Developing training games or custom training applications for our TGI customers. We have over 20 years of experience in developing custom applications to meet our customerís training needs. We have written training games in four different languages. We work closely with customer clients to ensure the end product is done well and completed on time.

2. A custom game project can be as simple as modifying an existing TGI game application or as involved as developing a totally new training game concept to customerís specifications. We have written custom applications for trainer clients as well as Fortune 100 corporations. Our programming rates are reasonable at $50 per hour for all development and testing with a 5 hour minimum. We take pride in meeting and not exceeding estimated costs and project deadlines.

3. We specialize in developing Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint based applications. Programming is completed using Visual Basic for these applications.

Call Training Games CEO Gary Trotta (602-750-7223, or email [email protected]) for a cost estimate for your special project.