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Free TGI Downloads

Welcome to Training Games Free Downloads page. These downloads are free to download by clicking on the links below. They are free to use but are still copyrighted © 2005 by Training Games, Inc. TGI reserves all rights. You can use these files for your own internal use but may not sell or distribute as part of collection for sale. They can be passed along to others without charge and in their original complete state. These files are provided "as is" with no warranty. We welcome any feedback to improve these freebies.

Free TGI Team Building Game This PowerPoint file is a unique and original idea for a team building game. Playing the game with your group will generate other team building games for you and possibly a free copy of a future TGI Team Builder game that we develop for sale on our site.

40 Free Icebreakers This PDF file is a compilation of 40 Icebreakers from either TGI or anonymous sources and contains some great ideas for getting your meeting started. Thanks to all who contributed.

TGI Certificate Maker This Excel file is a certificate maker for presenting a certificate to participants in any of the TGI training games sessions.

TGI Training Needs Assessment This PDF file is an excellent example of what goes into a solid training needs assessment. A must have for all trainers.

TGI Combined Performance Appraisal and Training Needs Assessment Form
This PDF form is a sample of a combined Performance Appraisal and a Training Needs Assessment. It is a solid basic PA with an integrated TNA. It is ready to use as is in your business or create your own based on it's content.

TGI Training Program Checklist This PDF file is a checklist for a typical training program from planning and budget to the final review and follow-up.