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Training Games Features

This page compares all of the game features available on Training games and shows which features are in each of the games. The section below gives an additional explanation of all of the features.
TGI Game Features Quiz
Show Deluxe
Star Cruiser Deluxe Tic Tac
Quiz Show
 Board  Word
Baseball Football   Golf  
Change game screen name X X X X        
Change question categories X X X X X      
Advanced and automated game rules ** X X X X X X X X
Handles multiple category questions X X X X X     X
Enter team names X X X X X X X X
Enter up to 30 players' names X X X X X X X X
Enter your own questions X X X X X X X X
Game sounds X X X X X X X X
Randomized sounds X X X X X X X X
Team play X X X X X X X X
Human vs Computer X X X X X X X X
Import outside question files X X X X X X X X
Password protected question sheets X X X X X X X X
Game timer X X X X X   X X
Question timer           X    
50/50 play option X X X X X      
Pass play option X X X          
Extra element of team involvement X X X   X      
Randomize questions X X X X X X X X
Import questions function X X X X X X X X
File "Save As" function X X X X X X X X
Two game optons X X            
Attach graphic images to questions X X            
Play up to 8 teams X X            
Enter up to 80 players' names X X            
Attach bonus points to questions X              
Adjustable category default values X              
Allows manual scoring adjustments X X            
Set game sound volume level X X            
Non-repeating sequential questions X X            
Add your own logo to the game screen X X            
Enhanced importing options X X            
Enhanced question editor and options X X            
Special tie-breaker option X X            
  Deluxe Games General Games Sports Related
** These TGI Games not only deliver your impactful training questions, but correct answers drive the successful play of exciting games such as Football and Baseball.
Regular and Deluxe Game Features
Change game screen name This feature allows YOU to "Name the Game". For example - XYZ Company Million Dollar Quiz Show Extravaganza! - 'cause its just more fun when it's personalized.
Change question categories Each of our games have three question categories which you can name to better reflect your program's content. For example you might name the categories in your management seminar , Leadership, Management, and Empowerment. Or you could use our default titles Easy, Medium and Hard, for question categories with an increasing level of difficulty.
Advanced and automated game rules Training games takes the concept of presenting questions and wraps them around fun and interesting games to increase attention and retention. All of these games have on screen rules and features that are designed to involve participants in the game action.
Enter team names Your group will have fun thinking up a name for their Teams. You can then easily input each name on the game setup screen. Team names appear on screen during the game.
Enter players' names You can also add the class participant names right into the game. Player names appear on screen as questions are delivered. Have the player whose name appears answer the question, or allow them to work with their team to deliver the correct response.
Enter your own questions An easy to use question editor allows you to create Multiple Choice, True/False or Yes/No questions. Questions can be written directly into the game, or entered on the Questions.xls file which is provided with the game. Questions written in the Questions.xls file can be imported into the game as needed. Think of it, you can have as many question sets (files) as you require to effectively train your company personnel! But just to make your life a little easier, we also sell professionally written question sets (From popular business training subjects, to general trivia questions) on our site (Import into any TGI game).
Game sounds We've got great game sounds that add excitement and fun into every game. Hear a multitude of colorful sounds ranging from triumphant trumpets and cheering crowds for correct responses, to somber sighs and other less joyful noises when you get a question wrong.
Randomized sounds Sounds are delivered in a random fashion to mix things up a bit.
Team play OR Human vs Computer There are two ways to PLAY! TGI games are great fun when played with teams in a classroom setting. Your group will passionately participate as each team attempts to answer your questions correctly to win. We also provide an individual play mode in which one person plays against the computer. Companies, by purchasing multiple licenses can email the game to class participants either before or immediately after training. In this way the game functions as a pre-work or review tool resulting in greater overall retention of your training program material.
Password protected question sheets Having the question sheets password protected allows a trainer to send the game to trainees and keep the actual questions and answers protected from the trainee until the game is actually played (No peeking allowed).
Game timer You'll use the Game Timer found on the setup screen to preset the duration of each game (Ranges from 15 minutes to 4 hours), This is an important feature for keeping your program on schedule.
Question timer The Question Timer on the setup screen allows you to limits the amount of time a team has to answer each question. This is a helpful feature and keeps the game moving.
50/50 play option This feature really adds to the game's strategy. The 50/50 option eliminates one incorrect answers on a multiple choice question. You can select the number of 50/50 options you want to give each team before the game begins (Range of 0 - 5 found on the setup screen).
Pass play option This feature allows one team to pass a tough question to the other team and really adds a level of complexity to a game You determine the number of Pass options given to each team before the game begins.
Randomize questions Questions can be presented sequentially, in the order they appear on the Question Sheets. In this way questions do not repeat during the game, and the order in which they appear in the game is controlled by the trainer. Randomized Question Delivery works well to mix things up and is terrific if using the game to review training material in teams or by an individual playing against the computer. Questions will repeat in this mode).
File "Save As" function A game can to be easily saved under a different filename. This feature allows you to retain the games settings and questions and can save you time.
Deluxe Game Features Only
Two game options The Quiz Show Deluxe offers you a choice of two game show formats. A strategic and features rich Quiz Show Game as well as the fast paced game of "PERIL" a jeopardy type game (More fun than a barrel of Alex Trebeks).
Attach graphic images to questions The Graphics Viewer is a fantastic game feature not found in many training games. You can attach a chart, graph, picture image or additional text to each of your training questions and have it available to POP UP when the question is delivered. This can be used as supplemental information required to answer more complex questions or you as the trainer may wish to expound on the question itself an use the graphics viewer to tell the rest of the story.
Play up to 8 teams Talk about flexibility! Our deluxe games allow you to play from 2 to 8 teams of up to 10 players per team. Team names appear in the game during play.
Enter up to 80 players' names Our Deluxe games will comfortably accommodate up to 80 players and the player names appear on screen when it is their turn to answer a question. This is the only way to run a big training game!
Adjustable category default values This gives the trainer the flexibility of assigning different point values to the three different question categories. These will be the point values awarded unless overridden by the bonus point option (Explained below).
Attach bonus points to questions You can override any default point values to effectively create BONUS VALUE questions in the game. It is as simple as adding your desired point value in a column adjacent to the question on the Question Sheets. Just another twist to add fun an excitement into the game.
Allows manual scoring adjustments Can you imagine what would happen if you (by simply pressing the wrong button) erroneously awarded points to a team during the course of a game, PANDEMONIUM!!!. It doesn't often happen, but this feature will allow you to adjust scores during the game if this did occur. A real life saver.
Set game sound volume level From inside the game, on the Program Options menu, this gives you the ability to set or mute the sound levels used by the game.
Non-repeating random questions In the Deluxe games, this is a different random option from the normal games in that it does not repeat any used questions when in random mode.
Add your own logo to the game screen A nice touch. This allows you to display your company or any logo on the actual game screen during game play. Make it yours.
Enhanced importing options In Deluxe games, this enhancement improves the import process and shows a progress monitor while questions are being imported.
Enhanced question editor and options In Deluxe games, many new question-editing features have been added.
Special tie-breaker option In the event of a tie at the end of a game, this little feature makes it easy to determine a winner. It is a spin-off on the old, “choose a number between 1 and 10” method of selection.