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Excel TGI Star Cruiser Game DELUXE

What better way to train but while destroying alien space craft that threaten the future existence of the PLANET EARTH! This is a terrific and exciting game you can play with up to 8 teams and with as many as 80 players. In addition, it has many other refinements that make using and playing the TGI Star Cruiser DELUXE Game easy and FUN.
Star Cruiser Game main screen Star Cruiser Game setup screen
Star Cruiser Game DELUXE Features:
-A Graphic Viewer which allows you to show a separate image for any questions. Images can contain additional text, charts, graphs or pictures.
- Team play can be set for 2 to 8 teams, and the team names appear as the game is played.
- Teams can have from 1 - 10 players. Player names also appear IN THE GAME!
-Individual Play Option - This game can be emailed to trainees as a pre-work exercise or given to class participants as a fun way to review the course materials. What a fantastic learning enhancer!
-Game clock, allows you to pre-set play time and keep you on schedule.
-Automatic scoring, and scoreboard to track each team’s progress.
- You have complete control over scoring including a pop-up that will let you correct scores if an error is made during play.
Star Cruiser DELUXE Program Features:
-The Game ends automatically when you run out of time, questions or destroy all the alien craft – We also provide an “END GAME” function for unexpected schedule change!
- A special tie-breaker option button.
- Exciting game sounds with volume adjustment and on/off sound switch right in the game itself.
- Questions can be presented sequentially or in non-repeating random order.
- You can include an event name and your OWN GRAPHIC LOGO on the game screen.
- Type or import your own training questions in the game or purchase our special business question sets. (From Diversity to General Trivia)
- "Save As" option allows you to save different versions of the game.
- Game Strategy Options like “50/50” and “Double Your Bet”. Add to the excitement! Password protected question sheets so the game can be distributed without the user being able to view or change the questions before a game is played.
- You define the question Categories with the game to fit your training Program. For example you may have question categories like Easy, Medium and Hard or Leadership, Managing Teams, and Team Work etc.
- Question order can be sorted and easily rearranged so your important questions appear first!
- Includes a separate Question Deluxe Application to make entering questions a cinch!
-Since questions can be imported into any TGI game, you can easily manage different question sets. Have question sets for ALL your various training programs!!
- Full Screen mode to make the game as large as your screen for better visibility when using a projector.
- Includes complete game instructions and a special Rules Pop-Up to quickly explain the game to your participants.
This is one game you will want to have in your Training Universe. The full featured Excel TGI Star Cruiser Game!
Purchase the Star Cruiser Game DELUXE
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