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Just For Trainers

TGI Partner License | TGI Affiliate License
Purchasing Additional Game Licenses
Developing Questions Sets from your Own Training Materials
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Trainers—Sell Our Games On Your Site!
Training Games Inc. is pleased and excited to offer a TGI Partner License designed to allow others to sell TGI products on their website. This program is specifically for companies selling training supplies, equipment and materials, consultants, trainers, presenters, and educators. If you own your own website, you can apply to our program and begin earning commissions TODAY!
TGI Partner License
Here’s How It Works!

1. As a TGI Partner, we send you everything you’ll need to sell six of our best selling products on your website. This includes a web page featuring (6) TGI products and customized to fit your current site. Purchasing customers simply click on the “BUY” button to process their order. Order processing and delivery are all handled by TGI.

2. Games include (Our most popular products):

a. The Excel TGI Quiz Show Deluxe Game
b. The Excel TGI Presentation Game
c. The Excel TGI Team Builder Game
d. The Excel TGI Icebreaker Game
e. The Excel TGI Board game
f. The Excel TGI Baseball game

3. We don’t skimp on commissions either, in fact we pay you 43% of the GROSS sale price for each of our items sold through your site.
4. TGI will make available to each partner on-line reporting of all sales occurring through the partner’s website of TGI products.
5. We take care of order processing, payment, order delivery and customer service, and finally send you a check on or before the 10th of every month for your prior month’s sales of our products.

Contact Gary Trotta at 602-750-7223 or [email protected] for more information

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Partner License cost me anything?
No, this is an opportunity to offer (6) TGI game products to the customers browsing your site. We certainly appreciate the opportunity to feature our products on your site and pay you commission on sales occurring from your site.

Why should I become a TGI Sales Affiliate?
1. The obvious answer is because we pay you a great commission for all the sales you send us (43% of our GROSS sale price).
2. It’s so easy to do, because we send you the information/links you’ll need. And after posting these on your site you’re ready to sell! THAT’S ALL YOU DO (We take care of inventory, product delivery, and the order/payment processing).

How do I get started?
1. Complete our TGI Partner License Agreement. If approved we will set you up with a URL, User ID and password, which will enable you to check the sales that you have sent to us.
2. We will then send you a web page with our six products advertised and “BUY” buttons that link back to out product processing web pages.
3. You can view sales of TGI products from your site at any time. We send you a check for those sales each month (Sent on or before the tenth of each month).

Do I need to buy and stock inventory? How about billing and customer follow up?
NO WORRIES! We take care of all of this. Once you’re set with our products on your site, we handle ALL the rest including: Product delivery, order processing, payment processing, customer receipts and customer service. You sit back, view your sales on-line, and receive a monthly sales commission check from TGI for our products sold from your website!

Will I be losing customers sending them to a site that also sells training tools?
No, customers you send to our site will see the TGI product advertising on your site, and go straight from here into our order process (Not onto pages filled with other TGI products to purchase). After purchasing the TGI product customers are given our email address for customer support, but will more than likely go back through your site to purchase additional TGI products.

How do I track my Sales?
We will provide you with a URL, User ID, and password that will allow you to look at sales as soon as they are posted. We also provide a monthly report on-line that you can review at any time to see the sales commission you can expect for the month.

How will I be paid?
We will send a check to you on or before the tenth of the month for the prior month’s sales.
What percentage sales commission will I receive?
Many such partner programs’ pay 10, 15 or even 20 percent commissions. We have taken a more generous approach. We believe customers you have sent to us would never have purchased our product without your help. In this regard we have chosen to pay you 43% of the GROSS SALE PRICE of our product. We want our program to be a WIN/WIN program and value our TGI Partners highly!


TGI Affiliate License

This license is designed by TGI for companies that wish to customize and resell TGI products. Note: Customization of a TGI Game involves the affiliate adding their own questions, graphics, sounds, logos etc. for the purpose of reselling the finished product to their own customer base. In order for a company to customize and then sell these modified TGI products, they must purchase a TGI Affiliate License for each TGI product they wish to resell. They must also have a current, signed and valid TGI Affiliate Agreement in effect (TGI Affiliate Agreement).

Once contracted with TGI the Affiliates License entitles the Sales Affiliate to the following regarding the specific TGI products licensed:
1. To customize and resell this TGI product (For which the license was purchased) to your own customer base.
2. You are also licensed to use the TGI Game product for your own training programs and presentations.
Note For additional charges TGI can also perform the following services:

1. Assist the affiliate with the TGI product customization
2. Place the TGI product within an automated installation program which can be delivered via e-mail or on CD.
3. Place the affiliate’s customized TGI product on a CD (With CD label and labeled jewel case). (Includes automated installation program).
4. Deliver customized TGI Product via e-mail to the affiliate customers
5. Deliver customized TGI Product via mail on CD

Affiliate License Restrictions:

1. Customization of a TGI Game involves the affiliate adding proprietary questions, graphics, sounds, logos or any other open setup feature within the TGI product purchased, for the purpose of reselling the finished product to their own customer base. It does not include accessing or modifying any protected sheets or VBA modules within the TGI program. . No un-customized, standard, or stand-alone TGI product can be sold under this license agreement.
2. All modifications made to TGI Products by the Affiliate must be legal and compliant to the laws of the United States of America.
3. All published (internet, etc.) pricing for customized TGI games must be sold for the same or greater price than the normal published TGI price on our web site. (
4. Affiliate customized TGI game products are subject to approval by TGI. TGI reserves the right to terminate this license agreement at any time if TGI determines that the affiliate is in violation of the above stated intent or restrictions set forth in the TGI Affiliate Agreement.

Above costs are available from TGI – Contact Gary Trotta at 602-750-7223 or [email protected] for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Program cost me anything?
Yes, as a trainer, consultant, speaker or educator, you are required to buy a TGI Affiliates License for each of our products you wish to sell from your site. However this also entitles you to use this product within your own training business. To find the Affiliate License price for any of our products, click on the drop down arrow, next to the "ADD TO CART" button.

Why should I become a TGI Affiliate?
1. The TGI Affiliates License allows you to add your program materials (Questions, Text, graphics sounds etc,) and then sell the modified TGI product onto you own customers. In essence you’re given the ability to develop a customized game for your clients, and then sell the game to your customers as a training or review tool.
2. Obviously you can also use the TGI Game product for your own training programs and presentations.
3. For additional costs TGI can also assist you in customizing and distributing your TGI Game. Contact Gary Trotta at 602-750-7223 or [email protected] for more information

Can anyone become a TGI Sales Affiliate?
We accept all applications, but are looking for TGI Affiliates who are involved in selling/providing training, presentation, team building, education, and management consultation materials/programs.

How do I get started?
1. Complete our TGI Affiliate License Agreement, selecting the TGI Products you wish to use and sell as a TGI Affiliate. Sign and send this Agreement to the address indicated on the Affiliate Agreement.

2. Purchase a TGI Affiliate License for those products at

Purchasing Additional TGI Licenses:
You've done an excellent job presenting your training program, and additionally you've reviewed the program using a TGI Game. You also know that retention of your program will be greatly enhanced if your participants review the materials on their own in the next couple of days.

This, however, does not often occur. As a result, a small percentage of the learning is retained and a smaller percentage is put to its intended use within the company.

Each TGI game has been designed to be used not only as a fun, participative game during training, but also by local trainers and individual trainees as an effective review tool

Consider purchasing licenses for other company offices and locations. In this manner, you can send out review or pre-work questions which can be imported into and played in your TGI game. Local offices can provide training to employees using this great training tool. Individuals can actually use the game and play against the computer while they review and learn information from a recent training program.

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Developing Questions Sets from your own Training Materials:

TGI has written thousands of questions for trainers, and can develop multiple choice questions from your training materials that will perform flawlessly in any of our Training Games. TGI's staff of writers delivers insightful questions. We work to maximize the information and learning within each question. Our writers can develop professional and informative questions from your own training materials. (Cost $3.50 per question). If you are interested in having us develop question sets for your TGI Game please contact Gary Trotta at 602-750-7223 or [email protected].

Your Feedback:

We are very interested in your thoughts and suggestions concerning our products. In many instances trainers have helped us through such suggestions to improve our product offerings. Please do not hesitate to contact Gary Trotta at [email protected] or use our online feedback form.