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Excel TGI Elimination Games DELUXE

A Great Employee Training Game! Single players review company training materials and LEARN as they play. A database report provides you all the information you'll need to track their learning progress. The game also offers a level of complexity and game options which will keep trainees engaged as they learn! It is really five different games in one. All are elimination style games. This means that a game ends when a player has answered a pre-set number of questions incorrectly (See main game screens pictured below). Each of 5 exciting game themes allow a different number of incorrect answers (from 2 to 6). This games also features a top score comparison which generates a lot of excitement as employees compete with one another for high score. The game's database tracks all the action and provides an extract option for sending all the learning and game activity to employee managers.. This is an excellent tool to place in a central training area for employees to play against each other or purchase multiple user license packages and send this training game to all your remote locations.

The Database Report identifies who's playing the game, problem questions as well as overall number of correct/incorrect answers. Because this game is designed to be played over and over again - it is excellent for presenting new material or reviewing previously presented material to your employees.
Purchase the Elimination Games DELUXE
[Products ordered on CD will be delivered by either 1st Class Mail (5-7 business days)
or Priority Mail (2-3 business days), and a download link for each product
will be sent as well, compliments of TGI.]

Elimination Games DELUXE Features:

- Five different games and game screens.
- Game timer.
- Last Posted High Score.
- Your program name on the Game Screen.
- 50/50 game play options.
- Double points game play options.
- Progressive scoring when a question is answered correctly.
- Setup and Question sheets can be password protected for game distribution.
- Category names can be changed to fit your training program.
- Adjust point values for each category.
- Game sounds can be toggled on/off.
- Input your rules in a rules pop-up.
- Questions can be presented in sequential or random order.
- Import questions from a TGI Questions File (included).
- Top 10 scores pop-up when game is over.
- Attach a graphic image to any questions and make them available for the answer or the question.
- Built-in game administrators help.

The game database can be:
- Sorted by major headings.
- 2 User defined headings.
- Extract database as a CSV file.
- Print or Clear database.

Database contains:
- Username
- User defined Heading #1
- User defined Heading #2
- Date/Time
- Score
- Number of questions Correct
- Number of questions wrong
- Number of questions answered by category
- Which questions were answered incorrectly.

This program is a trainer's dream come true!

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