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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I get my own training questions into my TGI game?

There are 2 ways. You can enter and edit your questions directly into the Questions sheets, located on the set up page of each TGI game OR (recommended) enter your questions in the separate Excel file that comes with each of our TGI games. This file is named "TGI Questions.xls'. Using this TGI Questions.xls file allows you to build many different sets of questions, save them ("SAVE AS") and load them into any TGI game as needed.

Is it possible to change the question categories on my TGI Game?
Due to the nature of some games - the questions must be delivered as Easy, Medium and Hard questions for the game to make sense. However, in the games where this is not the case, it is possible to change the category titles to be more reflective of your training program. For example your training course may involve Leadership Skills, Diversity and Women's Issues. Question categories can be changed to meet your training program needs. TGI Quiz Show Deluxe, TGI Quiz Show, Tic Tac Dough, Star Cruiser Deluxe, TGI Board Game, Word Bandits and Pyramid of the Sun Game all allow category name changes within the game itself.

How many questions can I put into the game?
All TGI games are designed to hold 75 questions in 3 categories for a total of 225 questions per game.

How many questions are needed for a typical game?
This of course will vary for different size groups, time allowed by the facilitator to answer, etc., however approximately 30 questions are needed for a game lasting one hour.

Can I change the order of how the questions are presented?
Yes, all games have the ability to present the questions in either sequential (as inputted) or random order (random question selection within each of three categories). This is great for single player study and review. In addition questions can be easily re-sorted prior to starting a new game on both the TGI Question sheets within the game itself, as well as when using the TGI Questions.xls files.

Can I change/customize the name of the game?
In selected games you can enter your game or program name (i.e. THE ACME QUIZ EXTRAVAGANZA) Your new game name will appear on the main game screen.

Do Training Games only work in group or team training situations?
No. While they work great in group settings to review material which has just been presented, they can also be played in individual mode (User vs. the computer). Game files can be distributed as a review or as pre-work for your training/educational program! (Multiple license purchase is required in this case).

If I send a copy of a TGI game with my questions to a participant for their review after a training program how can I keep them from accessing the questions sheets?
In the paid versions of all games, access to the question sheets is protected with a password that will keep participants out of the question sheets. This password is in a READ ME FIRST-Technical Details document included in the original download. This file can also be downloaded from the Technical Support page on this website.

Do all the games have a built-in timer?
In some way, yes. Most of the games have a game timer which can be set; others have a question timer to limit the amount of time for each question.
I have a great idea for a game. Is TGI interested in purchasing my idea?
Send us your ideas and if we use them to develop a game, after development is completed we will send you a copy of the game for free!

Are there DEMO or trial versions available?
A demo version of the TGI Quiz Show, TGI Quiz Show Deluxe, TGI Football, TGI Baseball, TGI Golf, TGI Board game, TGI Teambuilding and TGI Icebreaker games can be found at:

How are the trial versions limited?
First, they are limited to 14 days of use. They will quit working after 14 days. Next, the questions are limited to 30 questions instead of 225 as found in paid games. The Import and Save As options are also disabled.


Why are many of the Training Games and Question files Excel based?
For several reasons. 1) Since virtually all businesses use Excel, the learning curve for using the program is short. 2) It allows TGI to produce these products and keep the costs low, which is passed on to you. 3) The TGI files, which consist of .xls, .doc and .wav files can be zipped and sent easily via email attachment to any employee/student/member. 4) It makes it relatively easy to copy and paste questions from other files into the TGI Questions.xls files.

When I start my Training Game, it stalls at the Blue screen. What's wrong?
Excel macros must be turned on for these products to work. When loading a game, if the game stops at the blue screen that reads 'Macros must be turned on to run this program', here are the steps needed to turn on macros. Restart Excel, in the menu bar choose Tools | Options:
• In Excel 97 - On the General tab, uncheck Macro Virus Protection.
• In Excel XP - On the Security tab, press the Macro Security button. On the Security tab, press the "Low" radio button.

Can I use these games with a computer projector to present the games better to a group?
All the TGI Games are designed to be used with a full screen projector much the same as you use to deliver your training presentation materials. Remember however, TGI Games also offer individual modes which can be played by your trainees on their computers prior to, or just after, the training session (Pre-Work/Review).

Can I change the actual filename of the games to another name or move the application to another directory and still have the sound work?
Yes, the filename of the game can be changed to anything and placed in any location on your computer. The sound files (.wav) MUST be located in the same directory as the game in order to work properly. If you move the game file to another directory, remember to move the sound files to that same directory. You can also download technical support files from our Technical Support page on this website or contact TGI from our Technical Support page if you experience any sound or game problems.

Can I change the applications filename and have multiple copies of the game on my computer?
Yes, we license the application to the individual and in this regard the game can be saved (SAVE AS) under multiple file names. Some customers prefer to write their questions in the game itself, and simply rename the game, using the original game copy as a sort of template. We recommend writing questions in the TGI Question.xls file provided with the game, and then importing these question files into the game as needed. This is because the TGI Question.xls file is smaller in size (then resaving the entire game) and there is less chance of overwriting questions written into the game itself.

How can I get an answer to any technical question regarding this software?
Send us an email at [email protected] or use the form on the Technical Support page and we will respond to your email or call you directly if you prefer and a phone number is provided.

I am an advanced Excel user. What is to keep me from breaking into a game file and creating my own games?
First, our products are copyrighted and protected by a patent pending. Second, special code has been added to the VBA module that will delete the most important parts of the code if the module is opened. Opening the VBA module will render the file inoperable. TGI will not be responsible for any files that have been tampered with.


I would like to use the training game I just purchased from TGI for my trainees so they can review the materials on their own. I noticed each game is registered to one owner. How can I purchase additional licenses?
Additional licenses can be purchased from TGI for additional users in your own organization or another organization that you are associated with. TGI makes available at substantial savings, multiple user licenses sold in bundles of ten. See our Product Price List and License Agreement page for further details.

How do I send licensed copies of my TGI Game (with my own questions incorporated) to my own customers? And how do I assign the game license to each?
After contacting TGI and purchasing additional licenses, we will instruct you on just how you can offer for sale, personalized and licensed copies of the game with your training questions included.

Can I affiliate with TGI and sell their products on my website?

Yes TGI has an affiliate program that will allow you to sell our games on your website. We also offer an on line reporting system which will allow you to see product sales in real time. Details can be found on our License Agreement page on this website or by contacting [email protected].


Can I purchase additional sets of questions from
A list of pre-packaged questions is available on our web site. Browse through the sets available for general business issues and team building – trivia questions. Additionally you’ll see samples of these well written and "to the point" questions, along with the number of questions found in each set and the purchase price. If you have any ideas for question sets that should be added, please leave us an email with your thoughts. Contact [email protected]

I love this TGI game. Can I get it customized to my business?
Yes, contact us at TGI to discuss adding your company logo and graphics to a special version. We can also make other changes as desired. Provide to us a list of your desired changes and we will email a cost estimate for the game.

Will Training Games Inc. write custom question sets for my game using my own training materials?
Yes, TGI charges $3.50/question to develop professionally written multiple choice questions, using your own training materials. We will also place these in a TGI Questions.xls file for easy import into any TGI game. Contact [email protected]

Would Training Games Inc. be interested in purchasing question sets that I have developed?
Yes, TGI is interested in buying multiple choice training questions you’ve developed from your training materials. Obviously, it will depend on the nature and applicability of the subject matter. Contact us to discuss your TGI question files. Contact [email protected]. In addition TGI provides a FREE TGI Questions Exchange page on our website. Teachers and trainers can down load these question sets donated by other TGI Customers.


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