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Excel TGI Quiz Show Game

Description: A full-featured quiz show with an emcee. Has all the normal TGI options plus a couple of new ones. This is definitely the best value for a first game. If you get one - you'll be back for more.
Quiz Show setup screen
Quiz Show Game Features:
We're offering this exciting Quiz Show Game at a special savings to get you started with our Training Games concept.
The object of the game is to correctly answer training questions and win the most Quiz Show Bucks before the clock runs out !! (Trainers pre-set the amount of play time)
Trainers become the Master of Ceremony as they guide their competing trainees through this show.
Get creative and NAME THE GAME itself. Your game name appears on screen!
There are some wild strategies in this game:
You, as the emcee launch/deliver the questions.
Your competing teams can decide whether to PASS, double their BET, or invoke the 50/50 option
Using the 50/50 option removes one wrong answer selection before trying the question.
Using the Pass Option returns the question to the competing team to give it a try
Number of available PASS and 50/50 options are pre-set by trainer in the game set up or a Team may be confident enough to DOUBLE THE BET, but beware, you also risk losing DOUBLE THE BUCKS!
Scoring is as always automatic
Quiz Show Program Features:
Change question categories
Enter team names
Enter up to 30 players' names
Enter your own questions
Exciting game sounds
Game timer
Human vs Computer
Import outside question files
Password protected question sheet
Randomized questions
Randomized sounds
File "Save As" function
Purchase the Quiz Show Game
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