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Customer Testimonials

Deborah S.

Location: Farmers & Merchants State Bank

“Training Games has been a very useful resource for training our organization in different areas. They provide a collection of games that are designed for you to edit and personalize to your organization. The ice breakers and team building exercises have been fun to use and there are so many you never have to use the same one twice. In addition they continue to develop new games and exercises to use. Whenever I have had a question or was unsure of how to add or change something Gary Trotta my representative has always been available to answer questions and walk me through whatever I’m trying to do. The cost is unbelievably reasonable. If you are involved in any type of training and looking to spice up your sessions where attendees actually look forward to coming, I recommend you sign up today!”


Kimberly A.

“I find that my students look forward to learning when I incorporate your slides into my curriculum. I teach various business system processes to clerical staff in my organization and find that students are students, no matter the age level. They all enjoy being entertained during the class. The sights, sounds and game changes stimulate interest way more than the ‘same old, same old’. TGI games take the ‘boring’ out of learning. Keep up the great work!”



Location: Project Coordinator, Kinross

“We were not only happy with the training game we purchased but with the assistance from you that I received in helping me understand the ins and outs of the game. Our employees really enjoyed the change from just a regular presentation. Thank you.”


Peter Grazier

Location: Teambuilding Inc

“Excel TGI Quiz Show Game Deluxe Software – This was our first venture into the world of Quiz Show Software, and it was great. The client gave us complicated technical matter that needed to be reviewed in this session. Fearing it would take the energy level to zero, we decided to turn the session into a team quiz show competition.”


Elder B

Location: Christian Ed. Advisor, Triedstone Full Gospel Baptist Church

“I really appreciate your quick response. The Staff here at Triedstone Full Gospel Baptist Church really love this program. Terrific Program!!”


Karen H, MA

Location: Hess Resources, Inc.

“The Game was very Informative and Fun! Great way of getting groups focused and stimulated.” As I told you this was from a Fortune 100 organization. Thank you again for your steady and generous support.


Sallie W, Program Director

Location: Continuing Medical Education for CHW

Thank you for the great game you provided for our conference. Our survey indicated that it was the MOST popular presentation of ALL the conference seminars! We will certainly be using this concept again!


Elisabet L.

Location: Americas Supply Chain Logistics

“Just wanted to let you know that my training was a success. This is the first time in 3 years that I’ve been training on distribution safety processes that I’ve had people say that they had fun.”