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Free4All Recall Game

How can one game play Jeopardy, Pictionary, Balderdash, Charades, Football, Baseball, Trivia and more? Better yet, how can one game play all these games using your own training program information? Introducing the most unique new idea in training and education games since the invention of Fidget Spinners. The FREE4ALL RECALL game allows you to instantly import your learning questions from multiple data sources into the game and play an array of different PowerPoint classroom training games, team building games and icebreakers.

Playing the Game:

The Free4All Recall game comes packed with great game features. Some of these included:

  1. Suggested game rules for over 20 different games which can all be customized to meet your training needs. These include Training Games, Team Builders and Icebreakers for either delivering new learning or reviewing what just been taught.
  2. Plays up to 6 teams. Take turns (Tracks team/player turns) or use with a fast response buzzer system (We recommend the Who’s First Buzzer System sold on our site as well).       The game lets you know the exact order each team buzzed in!
  3. Automatic scoring and 4 different game timers
  4. Picture viewer to complement your game questions. You can even bring in the slides graphics from your entire PowerPoint presentation!
  5. Delivers game questions 3 different ways! – sequentially (first to last), random – repeating (flash card style), and random - non-repeating
  6. Totally customizable. Select any color background; add a game name, your organization’s name and logo. We also provide 20 graphically enhanced backgrounds that can be placed in the game for dramatic effect.
  7. The toughest part of using any new game is always getting your training information into the game. The Free4All Recall game makes this easy to do for multiple choice, open-ended, true/false, list and multiple answer questions. The Free4All Recall game uses a simple text file format to bring information into the game. It’s a snap, and we’ve offered you several different ways to do it.

Here’s How:

  1. First, we’ve included 18 professionally created text files with generic data ready to bring into the game with one click so you can begin playing right out of the box. It takes less than 5 seconds to import any of these files into the game. You can also edit these files, adding your own program specific questions or information.
  2. But we didn’t stop there; we’ve included an Excel file builder that allows you to drop your game information/questions into 4 columns, then click one button and instantly create an importable text file that will work every time to play an array of different training games. Using this method, we’ve created text files with over 6000 game question entries and imported these into the game in seconds!Finally, we also provided a very straight forward Microsoft Word text file builder for creating your importable text files.Need additional info? We’ve included the game’s Quick Start Presentation (for a quick review), Our HELP document including suggested game rules (for a very comprehensive review), and our game Video

Order your Free4All Recall game NOW!

  1. These products require Windows PowerPoint 2010 or newer.
  2. Single User License allows use by one trainer/educator/presenter.Multi-User License allows use by up to 20 trainers/educators/presenters in an organization.
  3. Enables you to develop 100s of different training games for unlimited participants.
  4. The ultimate time saving tool for all trainers.
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