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InJeopardy Fusion Game

Have you ever thought that one of the most effective learning aspects of developing a Jeopardy style review game is actually the thought that is given to creating the game questions? What if there was a game in which the players could actually create their own challenging […]

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Free4All Recall Game

How can one game play Jeopardy, Pictionary, Balderdash, Charades, Football, Baseball, Trivia and more? Better yet, how can one game play all these games using your own training program information? Introducing the most unique new idea in training and education games since the invention of Fidget Spinners. […]

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Pass-Words is a fun and engaging team builder, trainer or icebreaker game. Players take turns providing one word clues to guess the hidden word and then move to the Lightning round to score additional points.     Pass-Words plays much like the famous television game but is […]

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Top 10 TV Game Show Super Pack

10 Great TV game shows! This creative assortment of ten TV-style game shows lets you easily customize and save training program review games using a program you already know well — PowerPoint. These games can be renamed and saved over and over again to deliver different question sets for all of your various training programs. -

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