Educational and Corporate Training Games

Powerpoint Games and Tools for Trainers, Educators and Presenters.

Training Aids

Countdown Timers (4 slides)


This slide pack contains 4 different exercise and discussion on-screen timers. Timers can be set for any time duration you require, and will provide a second by second countdown for all to track and help to keep you on schedule.

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Timers 1 (10 slides)

Timers on these slides include a break timer, lunch timer, and various exercise timers (30 second, 1, 2, and 3 minute timers).

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Sound Effects Machine (1 slide)

This sound effects slide contains 51 different sound buttons that can be copied in an instant and placed onto any slide in your presentation. It’s soooo easy!

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Award Certificates (20 slides)

Professionally developed certificates and awards denoting training achievements. All slides are completely editable. Select one of 20 designs, add your certificate information and print out your classroom awards. You can even add accoutrements to each certificate like red ribbons and gold seals.

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