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Top 10 TV Game Show Super Pack

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Make your next training come alive with the exciting and popular quiz show games included in the Top 10 TV Game Show Super Pack. Best games and the best value!



  1. InJeopardy Quiz Show – I’ll take Category three for $500!
  2. Are You Smarter Than? – Challenge your class to answer your training questions with the occasional help (or not) from a fifth grader!
  3. Deal Quiz Show – Answer training question for the cash in the box, or take the more conservative “Banker’s Offer”
  4. Hollywood Tic Tac Dough – Score Xs and Os by answering your key training questions
  5. Mazing Race Quiz Show – Get the question right and run the maze to pile up points!
  6. Millionaire Wannabe – Players answer your ever harder training questions as they reach for one million!
  7. Money Taxi Quiz Show – Take a taxi through the streets of New York answering training questions at every stop along the way.
  8. Survival Quiz Show – Teams compete to see who has the answers they’ll need to survive!
  9. Tribal Feud Quiz Show – Survey Says!
  10. Wheel of Wealth – Players work to solve the puzzle with every training question they answer correctly.

Game features include a built-in score-keeping manager, musical intros and finales, easy push button movement around the game, random team selectors as well as great game sounds and game animations. Designed for multiple teams or players, the games accommodate True/False and Multiple Choice question formats. Many games include easy to access blank slides allowing you to expand on your training game questions. Games can be renamed and saved multiple times to deliver different question sets for all of your various training programs.

IN ADDITION:  We have taken 5 of the best games and created a fantastic macro enhanced version of each. This gives you fabulous game features like scoreboards that retain scoring even after the game is closed, negative as well as positive scoring, variable scoring increments, automatic “Who’s turn is it?” tracker and the ability to instantly change the background game colors to match your own organization’s colors!

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  • This product requires Windows PowerPoint 2010 or newer.
  • Single User License allows use by one trainer/educator/presenter.
  • Multi-User License allows use by up to 20 trainers/educators/presenters in an organization.
  • Enables you to develop 100s of different training games for unlimited participants.
  • The ultimate time saving tool for all trainers.
  • FREE Lifetime Access to our MEMBERS ONLY AREA containing 100s of PowerPoint Training Games and Tools.



Top Ten Super Pack – Multi-User License (20)



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Top Ten Super Pack & Sports Pack Bundle – Single User License



Top 10 Super Pack – Single User License