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What the Fact Game

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The What the Fact game is:

  • A training game that uses facts from your own training program to reinforce and strengthen your training.
  • A team builder game to help your teams learn to work together. It can be for fun or incorporate business or training facts.
  • An icebreaker which can import any list of words/facts and can be played to kick off your meeting and engage your entire audience. In this mode, you will be playing a game very much like the TV Password game.


Here’s one example of how the game might be used: A company’s management program encourages their managers to EMPOWER EMPLOYEES. This might be one of many program phrases added to the game. With one players back turned away from the screen, teammates take turns, offering one or two-word clues to help the player guess the key phrase. The game can be set to give the team 1 - 10 tries to guess the phrase before losing their opportunity to earn points. The team earns more points when they use less tries to guess our key program fact!


  • Automatic Scoring
  • Played by up to 6 teams or individual player
  • Can be played like the TV Password Game
  • Easily import lists of words, facts, key program phrases into the game
  • Built in PowerPoint with customizable text and graphics
  • Select from an array of attractive background options or design your own
  • Plays as a training game, team builder or icebreaker
  • Easy to setup and easy to play
  • Several Word List files provided to import into the game

For additional game detail Click Here to read application Help Doc.


  • This product requires Windows PowerPoint 2010 or newer.
  • Single User License allows use by one trainer/educator/presenter.
  • Multi-User License allows use by up to 20 trainers/educators/presenters in an organization.
  • Enables you to develop 100s of different training games for unlimited participants.
  • The ultimate time saving tool for all trainers.
  • FREE Lifetime Access to our MEMBERS ONLY AREA containing 100s of PowerPoint Training Games and Tools.



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TGI What the Fact Game  $179