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Random Chance Elements

Add to CartThis PowerPoint software package contains 8 different applications that will add fun, excitement and interactivity into your training programs, icebreakers and team building activities. These random number/text generators can be used as stand-a-lone games, or training aids to compliment a game you’ve designed for your program. Each can be imported directly into any PowerPoint presentation or used as a stand-a-lone app.

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Here’s a list and description of each of these great apps:


  1. The Dice Roll: A set of up to six dye that you can use in any classroom game you design. Each roll includes animation, sound effects, and is even automatically totaled for you.
  2. The Crystal Ball:  ” Signs Point to Yes”.  When a little magical intervention is needed during your program, you can asked the Crystal Ball.  This fun random text selector can be imported directly into any PowerPoint presentation. The Ball includes (10) editable possible responses, fantastic sounds and graphics and everyone will literally “have a ball”  asking for fun answers to futuristic questions like “Will I be shown to be a class STAR? or Will the Broncos win tomorrow night?” A fantastic icebreaker.
  3. The Bingo Game: A complete Bingo game with automatic Bingo ball tracker, Bingo caller (live voice) and Bingo card generator (print out as many as you like)! Great sounds, great graphics and a great game!
  4. Lottery Number Generator: This application will generate up to seven separate numbers within a range you determine and set (7 - 75). It is quite like the numbers that are drawn for popular state lotteries around the country.
  5. Random Number Selector: This is a very versatile application allowing you to randomly select a number between two ranges that you set.  The bottom of the range can be set from 1 -100 while the upper range can be set from 6 to 1000.  In this way you can use this to select from all types of different number ranges (i.e.: 1 -20 representing the class participants, or 1 - 100 representing the points to be awarded, or 100 - 300 representing the winning prize number).
  6. Random Non- Repeating Numbers - This training aid will allow you to randomly select either numbers or names (from 1 - 60) however, once selected, the number/name will not repeat (until the range of numbers/names is reset).
  7. Coin Flip:  Need a quick decision, just flip our animated coin to see whether it is heads or tails.
  8. Ticket Number Generator:  Designed for large ticket drawings.  Input your ticket number range (usually 6 digit numbers found on standard ticket rolls) and then run the random drawing to see who will win the prize.  Click as many times as you have prizes to award.

For further detail see our graphic depiction, Help Doc, and video below.

Note: Random Number Generators in this package are designed for recreational and non-profit purposes only.


View the Prize Wheels PDF Help File

  • This product requires Windows PowerPoint 2010 or newer.
  • Single User License allows use by one trainer/educator/presenter.
  • Multi-User License allows use by up to 20 trainers/educators/presenters in an organization.
  • Enables you to develop 100s of different training games for unlimited participants.
  • The ultimate time saving tool for all trainers.
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Random Chance Elements – Single User License