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Me First Wireless Buzzers

Improved And Updated!

Improved-And-Updated!Add some fun and interactivity to training! Participants can buzz in to answer training questions using these personal answer domes (“P.A.D.s”). The Me First buzzer system has a range of 80 feet, is easy to use and is very portable. P.A.D.s blink green to signal who buzzed in first. A buzzer sound on the facilitator’s remote can be turned on or off. Buzzers also power off automatically after 20 minutes of non-use. The Facilitator remote unit now has RIGHT or WRONG buzzer sounds to give immediate feedback to participants, which can be turned on and off) and the product has upgraded 2.4 ghz wireless frequency to comply with CE certification.



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“Me first” Wireless Buzzer System Pricing

4-User Buzzer System - $239.95 with 1 Facilitator Remote (batteries included) addcart
12-User Buzzer System - $379.00 with 1 Facilitator Remote (batteries included) addcart
1 Additional Player Pad - $35.50 addcart
1 Additional Facilitator Pad - $79.50 addcart
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