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Memory Tricks By Paula Spencer Scott

Wish your memory were a little sharper? Want to remember names and numbers as well as you could a few years back? Brain experts swear by the following six simple techniques. Look, Snap, Connect to Remember Names There are three steps to psychiatrist Gary Small’s favorite tactic, […]

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Thinking About Switching Careers? Read This First. by Mariana Bockarova Ph.D.

Sam* had spent the past ten years pursuing one goal, and one goal only: becoming an engineer. He graduated from a competitive University, went straight into his Master’s to secure himself the competitive edge, and spent the next few years qualifying for his P. Eng designation. He […]

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3 Ways to Motivate and Push Your Team to Greatness

We are in a candidate-driven market, therefore companies are finding it challenging to continue motivating their employees. With the lowest unemployment numbers in Ohio in the last five years, there are more jobs available to tempt employees to leave or greener pastures. As an HR Pro it’s […]

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Going To Training? Some Hints by Robert Bacal

People attend training for a lot of reasons. The obvious one is to learn some new skills to use on the job or to further one’s career. There are other reasons too. Sometimes training sessions provide an opportunity to visit with people you don’t ordinarily see and […]

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