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Presentation Game 5 Retro Slides (48 slides)


All of the slides that were in our previous version of the Presentation Game covering all categories.

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Spinners Scoreboards (8 slides)

This slide pack contains 8 exciting scoreboard and spinning or prize wheel slides. (2) scoreboard only slides (20 & 24 players/teams), (3) spinning wheels, two of which offer editable wedges, and (3) scoreboard/spinning wheel combination slides. Both standard and widescreen formats included in this slide pack.

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Spinners Random Selectors (7 slides)

This pack contains three colorful spinning wheels that can be used in your presentation to select prizes or game points. There is also an editable prize wheel that allows you to type whatever you’d like into the spinning wheel’s wedges. Also included are a slot machine and […]

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Scoreboard Spinners Dashboard (18 slides)

This slide pack is loaded with some really great trainer/presenter tools. Editable scoreboards for 2 - 32 players/teams, editable spinning or prize wheels (enter points, prizes or people/team names), random selectors (randomly selects 1- 60 names or numbers), dashboard slides, even a bingo game slide! Slides are […]

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