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TGI Newsletters

The Training Games Newsletter archives are maintained online. You are welcome to browse past newsletters by following the links below. Each newsletter features our games, information on what's new with TGI, famous quotes, and articles of interest to trainers. To subscribe to our mailing list and receive our newsletter, submit your information here.

[most recent issues can be found at the top of this page]
Newsletter Issue 37
• "Reflections" A New Training Game?
• Passive versus Active Reflection
• Brain Facts (About Baby Brains)
• Your Facial Expression Is a Dead Give-Away
Newsletter Issue 36
• Creating a Culture of Reflection
• Let TGI Customize a Game for You
• Tips For Trainers A Successful Presentation
Newsletter Issue 35
• Dreams, Sleep and Memory
• Let TGI Customize a Game for You
• Educating the Human Brain
Article - Powerpoint Learning Help or Hindrance
Article - Classroom Jeopardy: A Winning Approach for Improving Student Assessment, Performance and Satisfaction Article - Modifying Jeopardy! Games to benefit all students
Newsletter Issue 33
• On Emotions, Reasoning and Learning
• Learner versus Instructor Centered Program Design
• Bingo as Content Review
Newsletter Issue 34
• Brain Based Learning and Conventional Teaching Styles and Games
• A Short Brain Based Learning Story
Article: PowerPoint - A Learning Tool? by Gary Trotta Newsletter Issue 32
• PowerPoint - A Learning Tool? by Gary Trotta
• Training Circus by Susan Landay
• Featurette #4 - PowerPoint and Excel Games
• MAC Testers Needed
Newsletter Issue 30
• So What's Been Engrained into Your Brain?
• Let's Talk Ethics by David Cohrs
• Featurette #3 - Saving and Customizing Your TGI Game
Newsletter Issue 31
• Two Easy Icebreakers
• Hey Trainers - Write 38 Instant Measurable Objectives in Minutes!
• Physical Education is Supported by Brain Research
Newsletter Issue 28
• Brain Based Learning
• Why Training Games • Featurette #1 - Attach Outside Files to Questions
Newsletter Issue 29
• Cooperative Learning (Peer Tutoring)
• TGI Sells Buzzer System
• Featurette #2 - The Buzzer Option
Newsletter Issue 26
• Three Great Things for Your Great Brain
• Levels of Decision Making in the Workplace
Newsletter Issue 27
• Another Employee Horror Story
• Brain Games
Newsletter Issue 24
• The "Doogie Mouse", LTP and Learning
• 10 Tips for Coaching Excellence
• Coaching Survey
Newsletter Issue 25
• TGI Customers No Longer Missing "the Buzz"
• Communications and Personality Type
• Building Learning Strategies into Training Programs
Newsletter Issue 22
• Good Advice For Your Brain
• The Art of Active Listening
• TGI Offers Presentation Content!
• Diversity Simulation Game Testers Needed
Newsletter Issue 23
• The Biology of Learning
• Games are Great and Can be Better
Newsletter Issue 20
• Mind Mapping
• Gage Was No Longer Gage
• Brain Facts
Newsletter Issue 21
• A New Twist on Diversity
• All About Our New PowerPoint Presentation Game
Newsletter Issue 18
• Engaging Presentations for Younger and Older Audiences
• PowerPoint Random Generator - Series 2
Newsletter Issue 19
• Different Strokes
• A Bit About Our Brain
Newsletter Issue 16
• A Great Time to be a Trainer
Newsletter Issue 17
• Confucius Says
• Making PowerPoint More Interactive
Newsletter Issue 14
• Getting More from Training Game Shows
• The Importance of Follow-Up
Newsletter Issue 15
• Recognizing People
Newsletter Issue 12
• A Training Game for your Thoughts
• Moving from Classroom to Online Training
Newsletter Issue 13
• Music, Music, Music
• Music, Movement and the Grey Matter (Training Exercise)
• - New TGI Partner Website
Newsletter Issue 10
• Generating Training for New Generations
Newsletter Issue 11
• Training the New Generations
• The Generations
Newsletter Issue 8
• Training Myths
Newsletter Issue 9
• When I call you knucklehead, I mean it in a good way
• Drawing to Learn: Works even if you never learned to draw
Newsletter Issue 5
• Well Im No Einstein but...
• Right Brain Teaching Technique
Newsletter Issue 7
• Training Myths
Newsletter Issue 3
• Making Training Quiz Games More Effective
• Interesting Brain Facts about Young Minds
Newsletter Issue 4
• We Can Improve Our Ability to Learn
• TGI Games Pulsing between High Attention and Learning
Newsletter Issue 1
• Tips on Training Design
Newsletter Issue 2
• Tips on Training Design