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Tips on Training Design
1. Encouraging participation - Admittedly, it can be difficult to get folks to participate, however, it is also accepted that when people engage in classroom situations, learning improves. Below I've listed some suggestions to help stimulate participation in a class.
1. Create a comfortable and non-threatening environment. Brief class introductions are helpful to jump start participants.

2. Begin with a question. Keep in mind this first question is important because it will help set the tone of your program. In this regard, try to keep it somewhat subjective, and allow the class to express their opinions on the topic.

3. Use a conversational and relaxed tone. Use first names whenever possible. In general, we all like to hear our own name being spoken.

4. Understand that speaking up in class is quite difficult for most people.

5. Vary the way a question is asked. For example, ask class members to first jot down their thoughts on the question, and then discuss their answers in a group or with another.

6. Present several answers to a question (within the question itself). "Some believe this, but others feel that...". This can be less threatening and therefore easier to respond to.

7. Don't respond negatively when answers are offered. There is usually some wisdom in all answers, even the wrong ones. "Well, Bob, that's a good thought for these reasons ..., Are there other opinions about this?" I've often seen managers attempting to conduct a brainstorming session and fall into the trap of "shutting down" ideas they believe are not "on target". If you want folks to think "out of the box" you are going to have to acknowledge even the ideas that have little chance of making it in the box. People get the message when their idea doesn't make the flipchart.

8. When using slides, graphs, charts or other visuals, ask people what they see before telling them "The Answer".

9. Allow people to move around. Invite class members to present a slide, lead a group discussion or demonstrate a point. It is great if you can give up control of the class to some degree. Remember, one of the most effective ways to learn is to teach.

10. Build into the class interactive games and exercises. People like to play, and as long as you keep the game focus on the content, this type of engagement improves our ability to learn.

11. Leave time for questions at the end of your program. This seems obvious but is seldom done.
1. Inclusive
2. Collaborative
3. Emphasis on Community
4. Processes information In varied order
5. Many Right Ways
6. Flexibility
1. Exclusive
2. Competitive
3. Emphasis on Hierarchy
4. Processes information linearly
5. One Way
6. Rigidity
Above are some general differences attributed to Women and Men. Deborah Frances Tannen is an American Professor of sociolinguistics at Georgetown University and has written extensively on the differences between men and women in the workplace (You Just Don't Understand, Talking From 9 to 5: Women and Men at Work). I attended a meeting in which Deborah was a guest speaker. She showed a video of boys and then girls at play. The boys were very competitive. First Boy - "I can throw the ball a mile." Second Boy - "Oh yeah, I can throw that ball 5 miles." Third Boy - "Well if I want, I could throw that ball to the MOON!". On the other hand, the girls were shown playing house, and Deborah pointed out their need to be inclusive, social, collaborative and caring for one another.

Today I read (T & D March 2007) that of the Fortune 500 companies only 1.4 percent have women CEOs. In 2005 Women held 16.4 % of the corporate officer positions, this is up just .07 percent from 2002. There is a good argument to be made that women in leadership roles bring an important balance to corporate America. Viewing the general traits above as well as the above statistic, we might assume that things like Teamwork, Collaboration and Mentoring suffer within our current corporate cultures because of this statistical imbalance. I would believe that over time, as women filter into higher corporate positions, organizational culture and training should change to better reflect these positive attributes.

Amazing Trivia
Amazing Trivia: The notion that someone has become "Mad as a Hatter" is derived from the fact that in the 19th century, felt hat makers used mercury to stabilize wool. As a result many of them became poisoned by the fumes, developing uncontrollable tremors, confused speech and hallucinations.
Amazing Fact: Onions get their very distinctive smell because they soak up the sulphur from the soil as they grow. Combined with the water from our eyes, this creates a mild sulfuric acid, which is responsible for the tears we shed as we chop and dice.
Famous Quote: "Vitality shows in not only our ability to persist but our ability to start over." Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald - Persistence is a wonderful trait, but you really have to hand it to those special people who get up and go at it again when all seems lost.
on the other hand...
Famous Quote: " If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you." a humorous quote from Francis Roberts
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