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Learning CAN be fun. Training SHOULD be fun. Training Games ARE fun!
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TGI 6 Pack PowerPoint Game
There are two ways to use our new 6-Pack PowerPoint game. Option One! Enjoy all the action of virtual gaming using any one of the popular shared desktop or conferencing applications. Option Two! Our six PowerPoint Games are great fun in a classroom setting, and may also be posted on your organization's server, company intranet or any secure page on your website. Games include a FREE PowerPoint scoreboard.

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Music, Music, Music
I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you on why you might want to inject some music into your training program. To begin with, music is a great way to start. Imagine as your new trainees stroll into class you've got some upbeat, exciting music playing in the background. Perhaps it is a song representative of your program's theme. Introduce music and songs you'll be able to reference and even tie into your program materials during the class.

Music suggests so many things to new arrivals. "Hey this is going to be fun, and possibly entertaining". Contrast this to so many program beginnings you've experienced. The instructor stands, says he's excited to be here, welcomes you to the program, and with a well-practiced monotone delivery, begins to drag you through the next 75 PowerPoint slides (each with more than enough bullet points). You and the rest of the class start thinking "Uh oh, I've been here before." You only have one chance to begin a program, so you might as well do what you can to tell your learners that they are in for something exciting and good!

Music is innately relaxing, and generates positive emotional feeling. In short, it helps to move your listeners into the very best position to learn. Continue to play music to manage program breaks.

Music can also be used as an integral part of the training itself, and for good reason. Music can actually help us to retain and recall information. Music is processed in the limbic system of our brains. Interestingly enough, this is also where equipment for processing long term memory exists.

According to Kimberly Hare and James Smallwood (Music and Learning - )
"Music has the ability to affect our learning processes, brain development, organization and the refinement of our entire neurological system. Music elicits emotional responses and stimulates the limbic system, which must be accessed in order for learning to be encoded into long-term memory" and "Evidence from schools shows that not only is the study of music beneficial in itself, but the introduction of music into any learning situation causes a marked improvement in math, sciences and reading."
We all know that putting information to music helps us to recall. That's how great works were passed to us prior to Gutenberg's marvelous invention (The Printing Press).

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey were miraculously passed down to us as bards and storytellers managed to recall these lengthy works by reciting them to a rhythmic cadence. Think of ALL the words to ALL the songs you know and the scores of advertising jingles that have been permanently encoded within our brains. We may deserve a break today, but we'll never be able to get up and get away from these solidly cemented ad jingles. Have you ever tried to say the words to our national anthem? It's near impossible, but sing the words, and magically they are there for us. So why not take advantage of this wonderful phenomenon as we train. Focus on your key messages and put them to music. Then look for opportunities in the program to play your messages. I guarantee they will be recorded and remembered by your trainees for a long time to come.

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Music, Movement and the Grey Matter (Training Exercise)
I want to suggest a fun way to do brainstorming by simply adding the elements of music and movement. We could call it musical kinetic brainstorming or perhaps MKB or better yet let's not give it a name and be content with the fact that it's fun and can improve the way we train.

To begin, you'll be asking your class to participate in a brainstorming exercise in which they will be able to express their individual thoughts on a proposed question. The exercise requires about 25 minutes to complete, works best with 20 to 30 participants and all you need are a number of flipcharts (3 or 4), plenty of magic markers, some music (2 upbeat songs), and some willing participants. It is fairly easy to set up, and works well when you need to get your groups up and moving around.

Start by positioning the flipcharts around the room. Participants will be moving from chart to chart so leave plenty of room to walk, or stroll or maybe even dance between them. At the top of each chart, in large letters, write an incomplete brainstorming thought. For example "EXCELLENT TRAINING MUST BE …", or "THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERISTIC OF A GREAT TEAM IS…" You may consider several such unfinished sentences and write one at the top of each flipchart. Split your class into two groups. You may even decide to allow individuals to decide which group they might like to be in. Have the first group stand and divide up among the available flipcharts (There should be about 3 – 4 people at each chart). Inform your participants that you will begin playing some music, and the first group will listen and can move to the music at their first flipchart. When they have an idea (AS INDIVIDUALS, NOT THROUGH GROUP DISCUSSION) that completes your brainstorming question (One that they feel absolutely passionate about) have them write it down (one or two words) on the right side of the flipchart (Make sure you ask your participants to grab a marker before starting the music). After they jot down their first thought, tell them to begin moving to the next chart. They can be walking, strolling or even dancing to the beat of the music (allowing the music to inspire their thoughts). Again upon reaching the next chart they can write another idea, but if they draw a blank, it's okay to continue moving on to the next chart and so on (Suggest that they only write one idea per flipchart so that the room keeps moving, and participants don't "bottleneck" at any one chart). Stop the music when everyone has had a chance to share an idea or two or three.

Now have your second group get up in the same manner (divided between the flipcharts), and again begin some different (upbeat) music. Ask that they move from chart to chart and initial (left side of chart) any of the ideas already expressed, that they feel passionate about, i.e. – Excellent Training must be … INTERACTIVE ……………………. G.T. It's also okay for more than one person to place their initials next to an idea. The only criteria is that they feel passionate about the idea.

After your second group has completed the rounds, begin your program discussion. Select items that have been initialed several times, and ask those individuals why they feel so strongly about what was written. Ask the originator of the idea to comment on why they believe so passionately about what they wrote. Ask when and where in their lives they came to believe so strongly about this idea. Ask the entire group to comment on any thoughts they see on the charts that interests them. Ask if they were inspired by the music and if it was helpful to be moving while they contemplated their thoughts.

What's New at TGI
Something that is perhaps not new, but at least novel, is TGI's Train the Trainer offer, available with any game purchase from our company. What this boils down to is that we, after your game purchase, invite you to email or call us to set up a brief (30-45 minute) "Game Features and Operation" review of any of our TGI games (We use conferencing software to demonstrate how to set up and run each game). The strategy is simple, the more useful trainers and teachers find our products, the more likely they will return to make additional purchases. We've designed our games to be very feature-rich, and we want to make sure our customers are aware of ALL the innovative features found in our games.

This month our CEO, Gary Trotta spoke at several training and learning conferences on Creative Training Techniques. Gary discussed training techniques that are fun, exciting and increase learner retention. Alternatively, Gary also spoke about the features and operation of TGI Games at such training events. Many teachers and trainers are interested in our game software but want to know exactly how to set up a training game, what advantages such games offer, how the games are played and how they can best incorporate these games into their training programs.

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TGI Race Car Game XF
TGI Race Car Game XFStart your engines and your training with the Race Car game, featuring a graphical race track with cars speeding around the track as your trainees and students answer your training questions correctly. This game is loaded with all of the features you'd expect from our XF version games, PLUS a database to track single player games. It is compatible with Excel 2007 and has enhanced sounds, animations and features.

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TGI Baseball Game XF
TGI Baseball Game XFThis new version of our best selling sports game breaks new ground for training. It gives you the sights, sounds and action of Major League Baseball and the play is driven by answering your training questions.

Key Baseball Game Features include:
- Animated pitching and base runners
- Great game sounds
- Plays just like a real baseball game
- Input your training questions directly into the game
- Handles up to 100 multiple choice, true/false or fill in the blank questions
- Enter questions in up to 3 different categories

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Famous Quotes
Henry David Thoreau - "When I hear music I fear no danger, I am invulnerable, I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times and to the latest."

Shu Ching - "For changing peoples' manners and altering their customs there is nothing better than music."

Gioacchini Antonio Rossini - "Give me a laundry list and I'll set it to music."

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