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Computer Based Games, Learning and Retention
A study posted on the internet on October 14th, 2008 sought to demonstrate the effectiveness of computer based learning games. ( The article was entitled "Computer-based games and knowledge acquisition and retention". In general, the article compared the degree of learning and retention that occurred after group participants took a paper based multiple choice test (called the text condition) to the same test content when delivered to a second group through a computer based multiple choice game (called the game condition). A third test group also took a paper based test, however in this group; the answers were delivered immediately after the question was presented (called the test condition). In this way participants received immediate feedback on their question responses, as occurs with a computer based training game. The study was conducted by Adam Bohanon. Training Games Inc. develops and distributes many such computer based learning games using Microsoft PowerPoint. Our games are designed for teachers, presenters and trainers. Our game formats range from quiz shows, to board games to sport themes.

"All participants completed a pretest, posttest (immediately following their training session), and a retention test (conducted 4-weeks following training session) presented in parallel form to their respective conditions." So what were the results of Adam Bohanon's study? "The results showed that participants assigned to the game condition and the test condition performed similarly on their retention tests; however, participants assigned to the game condition scored significantly higher compared to their pretest scores. They also scored significantly better on the retention test than participants assigned to the text condition. Overall, the text condition was shown to be the worst instructional method, while the game and test conditions were shown to be similarly effective methods, with the game condition supporting higher long-term retention compared to pretest performance."

It seems that two factors contributed to the game and test condition formats. First of all delivering immediate feedback (whether or not you got the answer correct) appears to help learning and retention. This is true with both the game and test condition. In addition "Active Participation" (Active participation forces learners to use what they have learned in the process of training. It also clarifies what has been learned and what still needs to be learned.) aided in learning retention.

When asked which method was preferred, participants rated the computer based game as "more enjoyable". According to the article "The authors also suggest that the game attributes of dynamic interaction, competition, novelty, and goal setting relate to the motivational appeal of the game condition. Following their training, participants were given a reaction questionnaire where participants in the game condition rated their training as more enjoyable and effective than those in the other conditions."

Thinking about the study, it seems quite reasonable in its findings. If motivation to learn is elevated, and participants are given immediate feedback, learning should be enhanced. Most instructors might have easily guessed the study's results beforehand.

I would also like to add it is our belief that to the degree active participation is increased, even greater levels of learning and retention can be achieved. In essence, to the extent that participants can consider the learning points, discuss them, mull them over in their minds, ask questions and compare the learning to their own experiences, the greater the level of learning retention.

We believe training games can best be used in a classroom setting to increase learning on any subject. As participants play a training game, after a question is asked, and answered, instead of simply moving on to the next question, the facilitator should expound on the question, ask individuals to relate the information to their own experiences, discuss the information, do an exercise that emphasizes the learning and in some way engross the participants in the learning. We suggest and build our games so that the instructor can introduce a quick mini PowerPoint presentation after a question is asked, or present a related exercise or discussion question. This does have the effect of pulling participants out of the game somewhat and indeed, does take longer to do, but the bottom line is overall learning is enhanced.

Traditionally games have been used for reviewing presented materials. After the course information has been delivered, "Now let's play a game to see how much we have learned!" The game gets rave reviews as the most enjoyable part of the program. That's because they are fun to play, enjoyable and engaging. But just like those most delectable Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, let's try combining the chocolate with the peanut butter and coming up with something even more extraordinary!

Use the game to actually introduce your program materials and after each question, engage your participants as suggested above. This will no doubt take more preparation and effort on the facilitator's part, however, little mini PowerPoints, exercises, and discussion questions after each game question will result in a more effective learning experience.

Something that TGI offers after your purchase of one of our games is an hour of training on the game itself (602-750-7223). We show you the features of the game, how to input questions and suggest how to attach additional learning information, question slides, and exercises into the game. This is a great way to make your program more enjoyable, more interactive, and best of all, a more effective learning experience.

Interesting Brain Facts
  1. Results from cognitive tests show 30% of 80-year-olds perform as well as young adults.

  2. After age 30, the brain shrinks a quarter of a percent (0.25%) in mass each year.

  3. Albert Einstein's brain weighed 1,230 grams (2.71 lbs), significantly less then the human average of 1,300g to 1,400g (3 lbs).

Famous Quotes
Richard Saul Wurman — "Learning can be defined as the process of remembering what you are interested in."

Eugene S. Wilson — "Only the curious will learn, only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning. The Quest quotient has always excited me more than the intelligence quotient."

Unknown — "What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things."

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