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LinkNAV Add-In for PowerPoint

This product is now available as a free download in our Members Only section. Access to the Members Only Resource Library is just $49.00. Purchase Members Only access here.

View a short video about our LinkNAV Add-In
The TGI LinkNAV Add-In allows you to move instantly to any slide in your PowerPoint presentation and back again. Instantly create hyperlinks to all your critical reference slides. Add a Jeopardy-style question grid to your presentation in minutes and make your presentation fun and interactive! Easy to use and available to you whenever you open PowerPoint!

— 3 different slide navigation bars available (shown below). Add slide tabs and dropdown menus to your presentation. All these can appear on every slide or can be accessed with one click whenever you need them! Our Link Nav buttons blend seamlessly into ANY PowerPoint background you choose!

— Quickly add a Table of Contents to your presentation or a question grid to make your presentation fun and interactive!

— Create Progress Bars to let your audience know your presentation progress.

The ability to move to ANY slide quickly will make your presentations more effective, exciting, and engaging.

See samples below: