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Distribution Option

This option allows you to freely distribute or sell a game or games you've created using your Training Games template(s). Start selling or distributing the games you've created NOW!

How to get started:

Select from the drop down the number of customized games you'll be distributing or selling. Press the "Subscribe" button. You'll initially make one low quarterly payment and then start selling or distributing your game/s. We will bill you quarterly for as long as you wish to continue distributing your game/s. Let us know via email if and when you want us to end the program or alternatively discontinue the program yourself through PayPal. A PayPal account is automatically set up for you if you don't have one already when you subscribe.

Distribution Option Details:
  • Sell or distribute your customized Training Games to others!
  • Deliver your game/s via internet download, email, CD or flash drive
  • Sell/distribute unlimited copies of your game or games for one LOW quarterly payment/game (billed quarterly after initial payment)
  • Click to review entire License Agreement or view a short explanatory video
Payment / Month Schedule:
(invoiced quarterly)
One Game $ 50.00
2 - 5 Games $ 75.00
6 - 10 Games $100.00
11 - 20 Games $150.00
Unlimited Games $200.00
Purchase Distribution Option
1 Game–$50/Mo | 2-5 Games–$75/Mo | 6-10 Games–$100/Mo
11-20 Games–$150/Mo | Unlimited Games–$200/Mo

Number of Games:

Scenario 1:
You are a trainer that has several different clients you work for. You have developed a great customer service program and are planning to sell it to several new clients. Part of your program is a training game to review and reinforce your key concepts. As you present your program to your client, you can offer (for an additional cost) to distribute the training game to all of the participants that you train. This could be a great way to increase your profits or as a great giveaway.

Scenario 2:
You are a trainer and want to increase your revenues by selling training games with your program content on your website. You post a training game for $50.00 on your site. During the course of a month you sell 10 games. After you have paid for your Distribution Option, you have made $450.00 profit for just one month.

Scenario 3:
You are a 5th grade history teacher who has developed a great training game about the Civil War. With the Distribution Option, you can share your training game with content to any other teachers. If you want to make some extra money, there are even websites for teachers that will allow you to post a product for sale to other teachers.

Scenario 4:
You are a large organization and want to share a customized training game on your intranet or via email with hundreds or thousands of employees. The Distribution Option allows you to do this.

Scenario 5:
You are a trainer and want to be able to offer 10 different customized training games with content for sale on your website to the general public. You plan to sell these games for $75 each. With the 6-10 Game Distribution option, selling the first 2 games every month pays for your fees and the rest is pure profit.