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Examples of How the Distribution Option May be Used

Example 1:  Bob is trainer/consultant for Consumers First, a training company that specializes in customer service training for large casinos in Las Vegas. He uses a TGI Jeopardy Game to introduce key training concepts and as a fun review at the end of his program. He also makes the entire PowerPoint game available to each class participant on CD for $50. Employee managers love the fact that they can use the game in future meetings to reinforce the great customer service concepts Bob has introduced to them. On average, Bob sells 7 – 10 games per session and pays TGI $50/month for the game! His profits are $300 - $450 per month.

Example 2:  Pacific Telephone has 2000 employees and was looking for a way to make their training more interactive, fun and engaging. Using a Training Games Inc. game format they developed a "You Could Be A Millionaire" training game. Employees go to the game on Pacific's website, and click to play. Pacific employee managers download the game and play a team version at the end of each of their training meetings. The employees love playing the game so much managers are asking the company to post additional games on the site. No direct profits but an option that is not normally available when using some else's products.

Example 3:  Margret is a 10th grade teacher at West Valley High School. She has a reputation for finding innovative ways to introduce her students to new information. Recently Margret used the Training Games Inc. "DEAL?" Game to teach her students about the American Revolutionary War. Other teachers saw what Margret was doing and wanted a copy of the game. Margret only purchased an individual license from TGI and in good conscience she had to refuse their request. Then she saw that TGI offered a Distribution Option. Margret purchased the option, and not only gave the game to her fellow history teachers, but also placed the game on a site selling teacher supplies. Margret gained the admiration of the West Valley School District and also now has a supplemental income from her on-line game sales!

Example 4:  Sally has a training company with a great website. She wants to increase her profits so she creates 10 exciting games using her training content and Training Games templates. She signs up for a Distribution option for 10 custom games and pays $150 per month. She is averaging selling 1 game a week for each of the 10 games at $30 each. Her monthly profits average $1,140.