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Allergan BDMP Builds the Team and Tackles
Technical Training with TGI Quiz Show Game Deluxe

** NOTE — The TGI Quiz Show Game Deluxe has been replaced with the InJeopardy Deluxe Game

Good communication and coordination is important in Allergan's Biostatistics Data Management and Programming, so their group of 100 spent a day in our Building High Performance Teams session. Using such tools as our Polygon Puzzle and What's My Communication Style? profile, the group learned more about each other and the skills they bring to collaborative problem solving tasks. They also reviewed complicated technical procedures using the TGI Quiz Show Game software that provided an energetic and stimulating team challenge (see below). After the training, the entire group exercised their new skills in our Mission Impossible Caper!, solving clues and successfully identifying the notorious jewel thief. An enlightening and energizing day for all.

Excel TGI Quiz Show Game Deluxe Software

This was our first venture into the world of Quiz Show Software, and it was great. The client gave us complicated technical matter that needed to be reviewed in this session. Fearing it would take the energy level to zero, we decided to turn the session into a team quiz show competition.

Setting Up

A couple of weeks prior to the session, we input about 50 highly technical questions and multiple choice answers supplied by the client into the TGI Quiz Show Game Deluxe Software. It was a breeze. During the training, we divided the group into 8 teams of 12 people, put team banners, noisemakers, and other materials on the tables, and launched into the game, which was projected via an LCD projector onto a large screen. The software makes it easy to walk through the questions and answers. It also gives teams choices such as which question to answer (easy, moderate, or difficult...each with appropriate point scores), whether to eliminate a possible answer, and whether to double the points.


Round 1 was held in the 45 minutes before lunch and went well, with interest growing with each question. Round 2 was held over a 45-minute period after lunch, and with each question the energy level (enhanced with the noisemakers) grew to a crescendo! Finally, during the last series of questions, one team pulled ahead as the leading team stumbled. The roar in the room was unbelievable! I couldn't believe we were helping them review and learn technical and procedural questions!


What we realized during our adventure into this excellent software was just how flexible it will be in adapting its use to many kinds of environments, industries, organizations, and group needs. It can be used to review just about any kind of training materials, and we're now thinking of using it to help teams review team training subjects.

Why not test drive it for yourself. - Peter Grazier, Teambuilding, Inc.