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training games

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With the purchase of membership you will receive access to a special Resource Library. Included in the resources are icebreakers, teambuilders, PowerPoint games, training articles and more
Training Games, Inc
training games

training games
training games
training games

Purchase Members Only Resource Library Access

You can now purchase access to our Members Only area, which includes a vast array of downloadable training games, icebreaker games, and team builder games. Applications are built in PowerPoint, are easy to use and will greatly enhance your training and teaching efforts. Access to ALL of these PowerPoint training tools costs only $29.99. Alternatively, purchasing from our site also gains Member Only access.

We hope you enjoy the TGI Members Only area, and respectfully ask that you do not share the password or user name with friends or affiliates.

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» Are You Smarter Than - This game comes with Halloween holiday questions, but you can also edit and add your own questions for general training use!
» Likes, Dislikes and Opinions - A great game to learn about what others are thinking
» Presentation Sensation - A Trivia Game
» Scrambled Egos -Teams work to Unscramble words within categories.
» Blimp Race - Teams answer questions to move (race) their blimp to the finish line.
» Mazing Race Game - After answering a question correctly players use the mouse to run the maze a see how many points they will get.
» Money Taxi - Answer questions correctly to move the taxi towards the Empire State Building.
» Wheel Of Fame and Fortune - Spin for points, answer training questions then try to guess the game's puzzle.
» Word Jumble - A word scramble game
» True False Question - A question format with sounds and animation you can use to develop your own games!
» Free Word Search
» Brain Facts - Interesting trivia about the human brain
» Classroom Intro - This game moves to each class participant asking interesting intro questions.
» Icebreaker Bingo Cards - Use with Icebreaker Bingo Game
» Icebreaker Bingo - Players introduce themselves when their Bingo number come up!
» Finish the Sentence - Hilarious starter game and fun to play
» Trivial Revelations - Players answer trivia questions and reveal information about themselves.
» Barrels Game - A fun starter exercise. Players use the mouse to move through descending barrels.
» Group Intro - A fun icebreaker introduction aid
» Mazing Race - Players the Maze in 35 seconds to see how far you can get.
» Sharp Shooter - Players use the computer mouse to shoot coins, arcade style!
» Spring Sing Along - The music and words to Let's Go Out to the Ball Game.
» Icebreaker Intro Game 1 - What's my lie icebreaker
» Icebreaker Intro Game 2 - Say the secret word and win a prize
» Icebreaker Intro Game 3 - My hobby is...
» Who's on First - Have fun with this great old comedy bit!
» Famous Team Building Quotes 1
» Famous Team Building Quotes 2
» Word Jumbles Game with Scoreboard - Team work to unscramble words and win!
» The Blind Fold Game - The blind folded player must say the word that pops up on screen with clues from their team.
» The Crossword Puzzle Game - Teams work together to do the crossword puzzle
» The Flash Game - A team memory Game
» Million Football Trivia - Teams answer difficult football trivia trying to reach the million dollar mark
» Scrambled Egos - Teams work to Unscramble words within categories
» Pyramid Game - Players try to guess words in a chosen category with team clues.
» Speak to this Topic
» How to set up PowerPoint Hyperlink Buttons
» Performance Chart - Dramatically displays player accomplishment!
» Sound Effects Machine - Fun sound buttons to copy and paste into any presentation
» Certificate Program - Makes class achievement certificates
» Dynamite Timer - Fun 30 second question timer.
» Musical Animation Intro - Musical picture presentation intro that can be customized
» Optical Illusion 1 - Great PowerPoint backgrounds!
» Optical Illusion 2 - More great PowerPoint backgrounds!
» Prize Selector - Everyone like to win a Prize!
» TGI Timers - 30 and 60 second PowerPoint question timers
» Free Certificate Program B
 Prize Wheels and Spinners: 
» Roulette Style Spinning Wheel with 12 Team/Player Scoreboard
» Points Spinning Wheel with Changeable values - 6 Teams/Player
» 10/20/30/40/50 Spinner/Prize Wheel with 4 Team/Player Scoreboard
» Game Spinner 2A -Big Wheel Prize Wheel
» Game Spinner 3A - Poker Chip Spinning Wheel
» Game Spinner 4A - Letters Spinner - Editable
» Game Spinner 5A - Big Wheel Double Spinner w/Jackpot
» Game Spinner 6A - Editable Prize Wheel
» Game Spinner 7A - Biggest Big Wheel
» Game Spinner 8A - Editable Prize Wheel
» Great Roulette Wheel and Scoreboard - 6 Teams/Player
 Random Generators: 
» Card Selector - Pick a card, any card!
» Happy Face Slot Machine
» Mix and Match - Matches players and prizes and more
» Pyramid Mix and Match - Matches players and prizes and more - Fun graphics
» Poker Card Slot Machine
» Right or Wrong - Points if you right, consequences if your wrong - editable
» Number Name - Randomly and sequentially selects up to 40 names or numbers
» 20 Team/Player Scoreboard - Editable Team/Player Names
» 24 Team/Player Scoreboard - Editable Team/Player Names
» (2) 6 Team/Player Scoreboards - Editable Team/Player Names
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