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## Just Added          **Mick's Picks

E01 Word Search Game – An old favorite. 5 different grids in 2 sizes that you can build in about 2 minutes. Teams have fun finding the hidden words in the grid.

E03 Likes Dislikes and Opinions Game - Players answer trivia questions and if they answer incorrectly they must reveal a little trivia about themselves. A great way for folks to to have some fun AND to introduce themselves.

E04 Pyramid Game - Players try to guess words within a given category as teammates provide clues. Based on popular quiz show game. Game timer included.

E05 Team Builder Flash Game – A team memory game. 10 interesting pictures flash by as teams are challenged to remember as many details as they can, found within the set of picture.

E06 Team Builder Million Football Trivia Game - Teams answer fun football trivia as they compete to reach the million dollar mark. A Millionaire style trivia game. Questions are of course editable, because, well, we all don't just love football.

E07 Team Builder Scrambled Egos Game - Teams work to unscramble sets of (jumbles) words within a poplar categories (Famous actors). The team is timed and must unscramble as many words as possible or perform the consequence. Team strategy is sure to play an important part in determining who will win.

E08 Speak to This Topic – A team game designed for individuals to exchange knowledge about training program issues. Responses can be scored on screen. The Instructor enters each issue to be discussed.

** E09 Wheel Of Fame and Fortune Game – Spin the wheel, search for a consonant in the puzzle or buy a vowel, then try to solve the puzzle. Teams play for points to WIN! A fantastic team builder game.

E10 Word Jumble Game - Teams work to unscramble words and win! Plays 4 teams, great graphics with built in scoreboard and timer.

E11 Team Builder Blindfold Game - A blind folded player must guess the word that pops up on screen while teammates prvide one word clues.

E12 Team Builder Crossword Puzzle Game - Teams work together to do the crossword puzzle.

## ** E13 17 Team Builders – 17 unique team builders exercises with on slide timers. Insert exercise slide seamlessly into your own presentation. Complete trainer instructions found in slide notes section of each team builder.