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## Just Added          **Mick's Picks

G01 Hyperlink Buttons (How to) – Instructions on how to create and setup hyperlink buttons.

## G02 Motivational Screen Saver – Motivational Screensaver.

G03 Sound Effect Machine – Loads of fun sound buttons to copy and paste into any presentation.

G04 Certificate Templates A – 10 award certificates, editable & beautifully designed in PowerPoint

## G05 2 Edge Timers – 2 different timers that move around the edge of your slides leaving the center of the slide open for content. You can actually time a 10 minute exercise, and each participant's 30 second contribution using the same slide! Totally editable and in PowerPoint.

G06 Musical Animated Intro – 2 animated musical intros. Customize these intros with your own pics.

G07 Performance Appraisal Form – Combined performance appraisal and training needs analysis.

G08 Performance Chart – Adjustable chart to show progress against goals or objectives.

G09 Trainers Declaration – A Trainer's Presentation Declaration, by G. Trotta with a shout out to T. Jefferson and J. Locke. A trainer's declaration to class participants that the program will strive to be interactive.

G10 Optical Illusion Intros 1 - Great and mesmerizing PowerPoint backgrounds!

G11 Optical Illusion Intros 2 - More great and mesmerizing PowerPoint backgrounds!

G12 Timers – 3 exercise timers (60 sec., 30 sec. & 3 minute) which can be cut and pasted on your presentation slides. Just one click to start the timer!

G13 Training Needs Analysis – Short overview. What to consider when designing a training program.

G14 Training Program Checklist – A sample checklist for your next big meeting.

** G15 Simply Elegant Awards Certificates - Zip file containing a multitude of professionally-designed templates (Sophisticated appearance). Just add names and print.

** G16 2 Timers – A lunch and Break timer (5,10,15,30,45, & 60 Min.) with music button to signal all you're ready to begin the program again.

## ** G17 5 Macro Dash Board Slides – Gauge type dashboard slides to graphically depict goals & targeted progress.

G18 Dynamite Timer – 4 Fun and explosive dynamite question timers (30 & 60 sec. – 2 & 5 Min.) Complete with dynamite and loud explosion. Add texts and graphics to timer slide to meet your training needs.

** G19 LinkNAV Add‐In - Adds various types of non-linear navigation systems to your PowerPoint presentations. Jump to anywhere in your presentations with one easy click of a button.

## G20 Optical Illusions 3 - A slide pack of optical illusions. Insert these slides into your presentation to add a bit of fun and levity to your program.