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## Just Added          **Mick's Picks

H01 Prize Selector – 3 prize selectors. Award valuable prizes "Dinner for two at ..." or fun prizes such a "A big round of applause for the winning team" or "An extra 15 minute coffee break."

H02 Open End and T/F Question slides – Insert these animated questions slides right into your presentation. Includes a 30 second timer, flashing lights and 6 different correct/incorrect sounds. This is a great way to make your presentation interactive, fun and participative!

## ** H03 ASKbuzzer – Audience Survey Knowledge. Allows you to survey a room using fast response buzzers.

## ** H04 Macro Survey Slide – Survey slide which uses sliders to record responses.

## ** H05 Macro Board Game – Generic board game with dice. Completely editable.

H06 Musical Prize Selector – This prize selector adopts your current presentation format and plays celebratory music as prizes are awarded.

H07 Random Wheel – Random prize or selector wheel. Whirling red ball selects prizes, people or points (totally editable). Adopts current presentation format and plays music as it spins.

## ** H08 2 True/False Question Formats – True/False question format with timers. When inserted into your presentation it adopts your PPT design format. One TRUE and one FALSE correct slide provided.

## ** H09 3 Open Ended & Match Question Formats – Open Ended (with timers) and 2 match question formats.

## ** H10 7 Slide Formats – Timeline, Flow Chart, Callout, Target, Thermometer and SWOT analysis. A variety of helpful slides to enhance any presentation. Adopts any presentation design format.

## ** H11 9 Mini Games – Slide mini games. Insert these animated game slides strategically into your presentation to engage your audience and have some fun. They fit seamlessly into any PowerPoint presentation.

## ** H12 13 Multiple Choice Questions Formats – You'll get a choice of 3, 4 and 5 answer selections for these multiple choice question formats with timers.

## ** H13 20 Metaphor Slides – 20 metaphor slides with backgrounds. A picture is worth a 1000 words and these great graphic shots help to drive your presentation points home! Editable.

## ** H14 20 Motivational Slides – 20 Motivational slides. Editable.

## ** H15 23 Humorous Slides – 23 humorous slides. Editable.

## ** H16 40 Brain Teaser Slides – 40 brain teasers, useless facts and weird thoughts. Brain teasers invite participation and help to energize any meeting. Designed to adopt your current PPT background format.

## H17 Inspirational Slides – A slide pack filled with great slide graphics, animations and inspirational messages.

## H18 Animated Text Graphs – A great time saver. This slide pack offers different animated text graphs which can be edited and used within a presentation to deliver clear and powerful program information.

## H19 Text Graphs – Common text graphs you'll be able to customize and quick add into your presentation. Flow, Gantt and check charts included