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## Just Added          **Mick's Picks

## ** J01 Slide Shuffler – Contains a macro that shuffles all slides in a non-repeating sequence. Create slides with names, numbers or any information on them and then shuffle them to create a non-repeating random sequence of slides. A few user examples: Numbers for points, prize winning #s, Names for who's up next to perform an exercise or answer a question.

** J02 Random Generator Card Selector – Playing card selector from a deck of 52 cards (facing down). Have the whole class pick a card from a standard playing deck, then use this selector to decide who'll do the next exercise, answer the next question or give in class incites.

J03 Random Generator Happy Face Slot – This slot machine can generate a random number between 1 and 6. A fun way to select groups or points a team may be playing for. Great sounds!

J04 Random Generator Mix Match – To operate you list editable selection items (such as player or team names) on one side of this selector slide, and items to be paired with them on the opposite side of the slide (such as questions to answer, exercises, topics to speak to, prizes). Click once to set the selection arrows into motion, sounds play, click again for the two selection arrows to stop and pair an item from each list. This Mix and Match generator adds an element of chance and a lot of fun to any training class.

J05 Random Generator Mix Match Pyramid – As in the above Mix/Match application, items are listed on 2 sides of this slide and clicking the start/stop button pairs an items from each list. However instead of moving arrows we use jumping Egyptians that look like little hieroglyphs selecting a list item!

J06 Random Generator Right or Wrong – Insert these editable slides into ANY presentation. Enter a question on each R/W slide. After a player (trainee) answers the question click to set the right/wrong arrow in motion. If right, they get the points indicated, but if wrong they must "do the consequence". We've included some consequences like "Tell a clean joke or do your best celebrity impression."

J07 Random Generators Number Name – A fun and easy to operate, non-repeating number, name or word generator. Each time you click the SHOW button one of 40 editable boxes flies onto the screen.

J08 Random Generator Poker Slots – This slot machine spins playing cards and when the cards stop they generate a random poker hand (3 - 10s, a pair of Kings etc.). We've assigned pt. values to the various card combinations however these are totally editable. Have fun with this one.

## ** J09 4 Macro Random Slides – 4 fabulous macro random generators in one application. The great thing about macro random generators is that their selections are 100% random. Here's a bit about each of the 4.
1. Any Number Generator – Set a number range anywhere between 1 to 1000 (i.e. 10 -455). Each time you click the randomizer button a number is randomly selected from that range!
2. Shuffle 7 stacks of playing cards which each appear face down. Clicking on the top card in each deck flips it face up. A truly creative training tool.
3. A Non Repeating number/name selector – Enter up to 60 No./names. Click the NON REPEAPTING RANDOM button to select a number or name from the grid. Once selected that number/name is removed from the grid.
4. Bingo Game – Non-repeating bingo number selector.