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Climb the Corporate Ladder and Achieve Great Success by Brian Tracy

Many people seem to be promoted faster and paid more in their careers even though they don’t seem to be as competent or as capable as others. This doesn’t seem fair.

Why should some people get ahead when others, who seem to be working far harder, get passed over for promotion and great success?

Perception is Reality

The fact is, to be a great success, it is not only important that you are good at what you do, but it is also important that you are perceived to be good at what you do. Human beings are creatures of perception and their perception is reality. It is not what they see, but what they think they see that determines how they think and act.

If your coworker is perceived as being more promotable than you, for whatever reasons, then it is very likely and quite common that your coworker will get additional responsibilities and higher pay, and even though you think you could do a better job if given the chance.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to increase your visibility and accelerate the speed at which you move ahead in your career.

The starting point of great success and high visibility is competence. Determine what parts of your job are most important to your superior and to your company and then decide to become very good in those areas. Read, research, study, take additional courses, listen to audio programs and seek advice from others. Your key to great success is to be perceived as being very competent at what you do.

This perception alone will bring you to the attention of more people, faster than you can imagine. The perception of excellent performance will present opportunities for greater responsibilities, higher pay, better positions and wider opportunities. Becoming good at what you do should be the foundation of your strategy for higher visibility and rapid advancement in your career.

Employers everywhere are looking for men and women of action! They are seeking people who will plunge in and get the job done well as soon as possible. When you develop a reputation for competence and speed, you will very quickly become visible to all the key people in your working environment. You will move onto the fast track in your career. Remember that perception is reality!

Excellent performance to achieve great success at what you do is essential, but it is not enough. There are other elements that contribute to the perception other people have of you. One of the most important of these elements is your overall image, from head to toe. You must dress for success in order to succeed.

You should dress for success in the way the senior people of your company dress. Dress for the job or position two jobs above your own. If you are thoroughly professional and well turned out on the outside, the perception of the people who can help you in your career will be positive and supportive. They will open doors for you in ways that you cannot now image.

Take Action

Become a man or woman of action. The way you are perceived in your workplace determines not only how fast you will get promoted, but how much money you can earn and how far you can advance!