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February Newsletter

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6-Pack Quiz Show Games Volume One

Your trainees will love the games included in this new and improved, best-seller package of training games:

  1. All The Way – Millionaire-type game
  2. Peril – Classic Jeopardy style game
  3. InJeopardy 3D – All teams/players answer ALL questions
  4. Quiz Show – Look and feel of a popular TV Quiz Show
  5. Tic Tac Dough – Hollywood Squares style game
  6. Wheel of Color – Wheel of Fortune type game
  7. PLUS Free Word Jumble – Icebreaker/teambuilding game

Now with improved graphics, sounds, features and games, these training games add fun and excitement to any training or teaching event. Simply enter your own questions into the games, and you’re ready to PLAY! Take a look!

Download This Free Hidden Word Training Game from Training Games!

The Hidden Word Training Game                                                                        

An old favorite! Players try to find the hidden keywords in this maze of letters.

You can edit to add your own training keywords to this interactive game FREE from