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June Newsletter

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MAC 6-Pack Quiz Show Games

This is our newest version of our Training Games 6 pack for MAC. You’ll love presenting and reviewing your own training materials with all 6 of these great games:
  1. Are You Smarter Than –  (Like the TV show)
  2. All The Way  –  (Millionaire-type game)
  3. Money Taxi  –  (Three strikes and you are out)
  4. Peril Quiz Show  –  (Jeopardy-type game)
  5. Tic Tac Dough  –   (Hollywood Squares-type game)
  6. TV Quiz Show  –  (Great Graphics and sounds)

These training games are roughly based on popular TV quiz show games, but of course, are designed to deliver your own training materials within a classroom setting. Most games also include additional slides for exercises or additional information to expound on your multiple choice or true/false questions. As a bonus, we’ve also included a FREE and fun Feud Team Builder Game. Take A Look

InJeopardy Quiz Show - I’ll take Category three for $500!

Are You Smarter Than? - Challenge your class to answer your training questions with the occasional help (or not) from a fifth grader!

Deal Quiz Show - Answer training question for the cash in the box, or take the more conservative “Banker’s Offer”

Hollywood Tic Tac Dough - Score Xs and Os by answering your key training questions

Mazing Race Quiz Show - Get the question right and run the maze to pile up points!

Millionaire Wannabe - Players answer your ever harder training questions as they reach for one million!

Money Taxi Quiz Show - Take a taxi through the streets of New York answering training questions at every stop along the way.

Survival Quiz Show - Teams compete to see who has the answers they’ll need to survive!

Tribal Feud Quiz Show - Survey Says!

Wheel of Wealth - Players work to solve the puzzle with every training question they answer correctly

The games each contain great sounds and graphics. Take a look!

Download This Free InJeopardy Lite Trivia Game from Training Games!

InJeopardy Lite Training Game                                                                            

Here it is a fun Jeopardy trivia game. Use our questions or edit in your own.

You can even add you own training questions to this very colorful and functional Jeopardy style game. Best of all it is FREE from