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Excel TGI Presentation Game 3.0 Screenshots

1. Here is a typical PowerPoint Slide.

2. Here is the same slide in the Presentation Game.

3. Not much difference except this ribbon of buttons at the top.

4. Clicking anywhere on the slide launches the control panel to award POINTS!

5. A built in Scoreboard tracks the scoring.

6. Here's a closer look at the Control Panel.

7. Click on Start Game from the control Panel for this Intro Screen.

8. You can popup presentation questions or group exercises and score them as well.

9. Select a random team to answer a game question.

10. Enter up to ten team or player names in the game.

11. Use this Menu to move from the game
to the Game Setup.

12. On the setup screen you can enter question popups, bonus points, even a movie file.
13. The Presentation Game makes it easy to record and attach sound files to slides

14. You can use the Slide Preview to review your slide enhancements.

15. Clicking the Exit button on the Menu brings you to this screen to Exit and Save the game.